Monday, January 10, 2011

Where are you, Kalmie ?!

I've been thinking lately that she hadn't posted anything on Facebook

Not even about her WoW achievement
I just looked and she just deleted her FaceBook, I guess
Or she deleted me...
I remember that the last thing I saw from her
Was a quite pissed off status
Right after I posted something about Versailles ._.
So I'm just...
I don't know ._.
I just hope I'm wrong on this
And that she just went [Fuck that...]
And just left...

Now I'm wondering how to keep in touch
Since I lost her email address when mine was hacked
Not to mention that I'm not sure she actually looks at her emails...

This reminds me that I should look mine....

Don't be pissed at this...
You're only being missed D8 !!




The building owner came to install some electronic thermostats in every room of every apartment.
What does that mean ?
That means that I can't control the heat in my room as I used to do with the old thermostat
Which I only had to turn down so that it doesn't start.
I sure can lower the "basic" temperature on that thermostat too
I don't feel it's the same -.-
Cause I can't shut it down completely
I don't need a thermostat, seriously -_-
My computer heats the room by itself è_é
Plus, I don't like to have strangers in my room when I'm not there è_é
Well, I don't like strangers, period >_>...
The only good part in this is 
That I finally cleaned a bit of my room because of this...
Only a bit, cause, you know...
Lazy ass bitch like yeah 8B

Aaaah ok.  
Now I've to go answer your comments.
I've been postponing this long enough LOL


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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