Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Forget about it, in the end...

I'm tired..

It just comes and go...




Movie Whore

I forgot to mention

That yesterday
I bought 6 friggin movies LOL.
And for once
All 6 were movies I never watched before

First one is the one I watched yesterday
Sick Nurses
If you read my...
You learned that it's a Thai movie~
It's usually unbuyable
(Well... I don't buy movies for more than 20 bucks
Unless it's pretty rare...
Such as unknown Japanese movies
Or very old movies that nobodies knows about)
And this time
It was that 2/$20 deal...
So yeah...

Second one was Planet Terror.
Which I just watched.
I don't remember what year 
The Machine Girl has been released
But... Rose McGowan with a gun leg.....
So it's worthy of this kind of Japanese movie
With a little zombie-ish twist
And it's by the realisator of Sin City ♥

I bought Death Proof
Since it was another Grindhouse movie
And it was by Quentin Tarantino ♥

I saw Robo Geisha
So I left with it
Since it was the only one I missed
Since I got Tokyo Gore Police
And The Machine Girl

I saw Sherlock Holmes
And for once
It wasn't too expensive ♥

I also bought The Count of Monte Cristo
Since the title always been appealing to me
I've been curious about it since it has been released
So I took it.

Now I don't feel tired at all...
Even though I know that I really should go to bed
Since I had pretty short nights
Since the beginning of the week...
But I feel like watching something else...
So I guess that I will just do so...
As simple as that !
I'll feel guilty about it tomorrow morning
But whatever...
I'll drink coffee, that's all !


Back to the starting point.

ゾロ(zoro) Gt.タイゾ(taizo) & Dr.裕哉(yuuya) will depart after their live at Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall at 2010/12/29

(.___. ;)

I guess that Ryuuji and Tatsuhi are BFF, then...

I suggest something !
Zoro disbands
And start a new project
Called something like Robin
(Soroban → Zoro(ban) → (So)Robin.... Get it ?)
(I know, I know... Primrose looks nothing like this
But none of you know about Primrose, right ? =) )
And stop that Shibuya Kei-like thing
And go back to basis è_é !!!
You continue
Only the both of you
(You know... Zwei is only a singer and a bassist too..)
And there you go.
I feel like Taizo never really been interested in that project
And Yuuya... Well...
He was in Soroban
But hasn't been an official Zoro member, in the beginning...
So I guess this means something...
Like he officially joined the band because they needed a drummer
And they were friends
So why not ?
*shrugs shoulder*

I don't think that Ryuuji and Tatsuhi will stop doing music.
And they'll stay together as long as they can...


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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