Monday, August 09, 2010


A year ago, someone I haven't realized until then how missed he could be left this world for, hopefully, a better one.
I didn't want to believe it.  I think I still not realize he's not here anymore.  I guess... I still hope to see him coming back and be like... "Hey guys ! That was just a joke ! I just wanted to take a break !"
I guess I still... hope this is some kind of really bad joke...

But it's not, and I'm perfectly aware of it.  He won't come back.  Never.
And the only time I'll be able to see him again will be when I'll die.

Don't you feel like something is missing ? I do.  And I don't think this will ever be recovered.  The scar will remain forever.
I'm still unable to listen to Versailles. Maybe someday, I will... But now... It only makes me feel awefully bad because I know he won't play those songs anymore. Never. And again, I feel like something is missing... And it hurts.

I never thought it would hurt this bad... I feel like I took him for granted, as I take everyone for granted, as if they'll all be there forever, as if I'd die before everyone... I guess I just... feel ashame.  No one should be taken for granted... Or at least, not Jasmine You... !

The sweetest people are always the firsts to leave us... It's so fucking unfair... But we have to accept it... Cause nothing will change this, anyway...
As I have to accept Jasmine's departure...

Today, let's all light a purple candle... In loving memory of Kageyama Yuuichi...

お休みなさいJasmine You...
Cause I still can't tell you [さようなら].


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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