Tuesday, April 26, 2011


You know how much I hated it when Junji left lynch. ?

What I didn't know is that I was faaaaaar for being the only one o_o
Seems like there are many many people who don't care about Akinori
And only want Junji back...


He is.


At least
Now we can stalk him again 8B
(Not to mention that Hazuki deleted his blog -.-)
Fangirls like to stalk T_T


Domo Arigato, Mr Roboto.

I bought an Android.

(An HTC Desire, more precisely)
And THIS is amaaaazing.
Seriously ♥

I know that I already bitched about Smart Phones and the like
Saying they were some other useless gadget...
But y'know...
I guess I only had to try it LOL

So yeah
Before she  had her iPhone
My sister had an Android for like... a day
And she hated it cause she said she didn't get how it was working....
Actually, what I don't get is what she didn't understand in this XD
Cause it only took me like a few minutes to get used to it xD
I still have to tame the keyboard, though...
Cause... Err... LOL
But oh well...
I guess that newer technologies need a certain adaptation time
For people who have bigger hands/fingers XD
My sis said it was my nail's fault
Cause she said they were too long......
Eh ?!
My nails are not long o_o
And they don't even get in the way XD
I mean... I just hit all the letters/keys around my finger but the one that I want to tap LOL
The most frustrating is when I want to erase those superfluous letters
And that I tap Enter instead of Backspace
And then send what I wrote LOL
I guess I'll get used to it xD

So yeah
If I already was used to that keyboard
It would be faster to use internet on it
That on my computer ._.
The only thing is that I can't write any entries on Blogger...
I can still login and see my comments and everything, though...
And it takes better picture than my actual camera LOL.
I know that this camera always been kinda crappy
But that's a real joke XD
I mean...
I used to think that if a phone like that could do so many things
It probably wouldn't be better that the things with only one purpose...
And that's probably why I used to bitch at Smart Phones
But no...
Eh ! I mean, there's even some apps that are some NES, SNES, GB, GBC and GBA emulator o_o
And it seems to work fine.... Haven't really tried yet

Another brilliant thing is its charge cable.
It's USB but you can plug it into an extension 
So that you may plug it in the wall, as usual *w*
This probably been around for a while, now
But I never saw it till now
And I think it's brilliant *w*

So yeah
If you want my new phone number
Just send me a PM on FaceBook or somewhere~~

OOoh !
One last thing 8B
It's red.
HA !

(Oh yeah and I tried my sis iPhone and I absolutely hate it.
Don't buy this crap è_é)


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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