Sunday, January 16, 2011

Girl thing.

No I won't talk about periods.

Yesterday, I bought a round brush.
This :

Thinking it was about time for me
To learn how this works.
And seriously... IT WAS ABOUT TIME.
I still need a bit of practice
But I realized that there was quite a lot of hair-does
Which I was wondering how they were done
Since I don't really know hair dressing (not to say at all LOL)
And all I knew for curls and straight hair
Were irons.
But irons don't give volume.
Round brush + blow dryer does.
Just have to figure out how this works
And for that
We all have a friend called.....

So yeah
I was wondering how to achieve Jessica Rabbit's hair for my cosplay...
Now I know.
HA !
Now, I still need to decide it I do a sequin (YUK) or a satin dress...
I'll need to shop for this, I guess...
If I really kick my butt doing it
I guess I might try to go to Otakuthon or something... 
(Do I really wanna go there ? Ugh.  People... D8)


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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