Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hey there !

I guess I'm back for a little while...

I'm currently staying at my mum's place
Till around the 20th or the 21st
I spent a while at my sister's appartment
Her poor cat had been sick for a year, now
I feel the poor kitty will die soon
My sis keep saying she'll bring her to the veterinary soon...
But she has been saying this for a year now...

Other than this, there's really nothing new
I'm just doing nothing, scrolling the shit down of tumblr
Cause my sister's always using the PC
But at least there's a wifi connexion
So I don't waste my bandwich on my phone

I also bought a few things
Such as v-neck shirts
And combat boots *w*
And rings.
Why the hell did I buy rings since I don't actually where any ?
They were pretty, that's all.
Impulsive buyer, I know.
But I've worn the snake one yesterday *w*
And I might just wear the fuck out of it
Cause it's fucking awesome, ok ?
The other one is a two-finger one
There's a rose on it *w*
So I guess I bought one for both parties 8B
I also can't wear for the weather to become cooler
So that I may wear my boots djfhdkshfksdlhfksdjfh.
They're awesome too, ok ? è_é

Don't judge me D:
I know I was supposed to save money
But it's not much, really...
And I still have plenty of time to save it, right ?
Ok, ok, I suck at saving money T_T...
I might just go to the ATM to get money and give it to someone
So that I wouldn't be tempted to spend it .______.
That would be the best idea I EVER had, really....
Ok, I will do so.

Oh and I kinda left facebook
I guess you all know it, now
I was keeping it so that it would be easier for my mother to keep in touch with me
But she now has a cellphone... Lol.
So basically, there's no need for me to keep those accounts...
Even though I spent like 398742983 hours on Pico this afternoon XDD
(Yes, that means I reactivated 3 accounts, lol.)

And I guess I'm also training myself to drink o_O....
I dunno, I just... 
No, I don't plan on becoming an alcoholic at all.
I'm just off of work for two weeks.
And one week just passed and I haven't been drunk yet.
I feel like I'm trying to give you an excuse
But that's just the way it is...
And whatever, I'm twenty fucking two, I drink if I want.
I haven't bought any Amarulla, if that prooves anything...

Yeah... I guess this is it...
I might go for new ears piercings later this week
But there's nothing sure about it
I'm just thinking about it
And it might just not happen at all, actually....
I'll see...

So yeah
I repeat that my computer is dead
And that I don't really want to buy a new one
So I'm on tumblr
Cause it's a thousand times more convenient than Blogger on my phone.
I changed my URL, lately
It shouldn't happen anymore
So here it is :

(See why I shouldn't change it ?)
And I'm still on Twitter :

I've also written new fics since the last time I posted here
Both are in English :
When you love someone, it's for their personality, right? Then, if a personality is "determined" by a Zodiac sign, how comes you fall only for one person? Featuring Sanaka from Fatima, Die from Diru, Hazuki from lynch. and Jui from Vidoll for the moment.

Kind of a remake/translation of Away. In which Aoi is unfaithful to Die... And that's it, otherwise I'll spoil it all. Lol.

I'm also currently working on a translation for New Vogue Children
And a new one which is taking place after New Vogue Children
It's called Biogenesis.
The first chapter is actually written
But I have a few details to change
So that it will get better.
I want this story to sweep you off your feet, really.
It's also the first time that I'm working with a beta reader.
I do not hate it at all.
I shall give her some credit for that.
Thanks Mytho. (Or whatever you wanna be called on the Internet, you know who you are anyway)

And I think this is it....


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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