Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And now I'm dreaming that I'm cosplaying Sailor Moon ?!

Ok, so...

I was in a convention
Dressed as Sailor Moon
And I did not speak.
I then saw a bunch of girls bullying another one.
I thought that this was not nice at all.
So I walked up to the one cosplaying Chibi Moon.
And started to fight with her.
And I kicked her ass.
I then moved to another place.
And there was a girl in a reaaaallly ugly Sailor Jupiter costume
And she spat water on a fatty girl who was actually going to shower.
Then again, I thought that this was not nice at all.
So I followed that ugly Sailor Jupiter
Grabbed her by collar
And spat water right straight in her face.
I then snorted
And spat on her again
Just so she feels dirty ♥
I then went to find Lillie Joe
And found her with her boyfriend.
I tried to tell her that I had a fight with Chibi Moon
But she wasn't listening.

What's with my dreams, lately ?!?!?! o_o;


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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