Friday, July 23, 2010

I guess that when I'm worried about something, I dream about zombies x_X

I was in my home town and my brother had turned into a zombie... my sister (the older one) and I ran to my father's house, thinking we'd be safe in here.  But it happened that there was a woman, inside, which was controling her zombie daughter and she really wanted to kill us.  So we ran to which was our room in 1997 or so, but remembered just then that the door couldn't be locked anymore.  So, I was like OK ! WE TAKE THE BED AND BUT IT IN FRONT OF THE DOOR.  But my sister was only like... Huh... M'k... And just stare back at her nails.   I got pissed at her, so I just pushed her away and set the bed in place in a rush cause the girl zombie was about to enter the room.  So I got at the window and opened it so that we would get out this way, even though the room was at the second floor.  So we got out and were on the roof when the zombie girl finally made her was to the room.  Dunno why, but we got back into the house, but the time went into the parent's room (In which the decoration has been remade in tones of turquoise and blue fishes... o_ô...) and I got out the window and that's where I lost tracks of my sister... Once outside, I saw my mother walking to get here, but my brother, who, you remember, was a zombie was pretty close to her, so I wanted to scream to her to watch out, but I couldn't since that zombie girl was near the window by which I got out.... I don't really remember what happened then, but that I start running to get my mother's place but I ended up in a school in Montréal. It was full of tourists (I was one of them, actually) and it was the crisis.  And someone had turned the fire sprinklers in a gymnasium or something and it filled with water and some people drowned... Not to mention the zombie virus circulating, eh ! So everyone was in panic but a group of geek, they were the school's newspaper team and they wanted a scoop or something... I thought they were pretty stupid and it's kinda mixed up here... I know that I went into the gym and that I had to go back in Québec, but I could find my stuff back so I hadn't my bus ticket... I guess that's could be where I decided to turn into a zombie killer.... 
So that was pretty much it ._.

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£@dy Dark§unMoon July 23, 2010 at 9:34 p.m.  

Sti que tes rêves pwn la vie, Trucy!

Mais une famille de zombies et un lieu de résidence temporaire floodé et remplis d'épais, c'est moche!

Trucydae July 23, 2010 at 10:44 p.m.  

ben en fait c,Était genre une école random flooded pis infected par le virus resident evil-like D8

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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