Monday, July 12, 2010

We're all part of a Neverending Story

You know what... I think that there's a link between The Neverending Story and Harry Potter. (Cause, yeah... I watched The Neverending Story II and I prefer the first one... Like... Really.)
And I realized something... Like... The bookshop... It's Mr Korriander or something close to this.  Now, the wandshop owner is Mr Olivander, isn't it ? Don't you think it sounds alike ?
Anyway... There are so many things linked to that story... First Atreyu... It's the guy with the horse's name, but it's also a band.  And Falcore, the dragon which looks like a dog... In The Birthday Massacre, the lead guitarist's name is... Mike Falcore. No wonder why they covered the theme song...
And I'm sure there are like... a million other links, but you all know that my memory ain't too good, so I can't really think of anything else for now...

I'd like to read the book, though... And I think there's a third movie, actually... But I feel like it sucks even more than the second one xDDD...
Well... The second one is just... Short ? ... I mean... Bastian is scared to jump off the highest board, he goes to Korriander, ends up leaving with The Neverending Story book instead of a book about how not to be afraid of hights, and realizes that the pages are erased, so he jumps into the book to find what's happening and giants appear and then he already discover that he has to go to that hand castle where he discover about the Emptiness and that he has to fill it, though he fells into hum... Xaida-or-something-which-starts-with-an-X-and-ends-with-an-A's trap and thinks she's not much of a bad girl, even though she tries to put him against Atreyu, in which she succeed, but then, Bastian discovers than what Atreyu told him about his wish turning into him losing a memory is true and then leaves X-somthing-a to find back Atreyu and when he does, X-something-a appears and he uses his last wish before losing each of his memories to wish for her to have a heart since she is the Emptiness... and then... THE END.
I don't know... I just feel like this whole movie, shortened a bit, could be only one part of the first movie.... Less budget, I guess... It all went in Falcore's rent XDDD. (Cause yeah, Falcore is a gigantic puppet~ The RockBiter too, actually... That's maybe why they just sat him there doing nothing but talking and ranting about the rocks which are now empty... And when he bites one, we clearly see it was a bottle of wine covered of a rocky thing so that it looks like a rock... LOL.)
OH. And the boy who plays Bastian... When he looks worried.. Fuck, he looks like a tiny Gackt XDDD... Should've screencap-ed it >XD

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