Monday, April 18, 2011



So yeah
Thanks to Mythomanya
I've seen this *w* 


And then I went on LJ
And found this :


And now I'm eating some rosemary Triscuit with that bruschetta thing
(You know like this mix of tomatoes, onions, oil, vinegar and some herbs... This *w*)
And Gouda cheese *w*
Life is beautiful, I tell you


Other than this
I don't work tomorrow \o/
Then I work all day on Wednesday
Then it's the usual days on Thursday and Friday
And then I'll be in Pays des Vaches for Easter \o/

And today -.-
This morning...
There was this man who didn't fucking know how to use the....
How do you even call this in English ?! XD
I mean, I'm not even sure I know the proper French word for it...
Well, the clothes washer, laundry machine ? OH WELL
And he then came to me to ask how it costs
I must have told it 5 times that it costs 2 fucking bucks
And he didn't hear it or something -___-
So I repeated it one last time very loudly and with this annoyed tone
Then he handed me a $20 bill to have all of it in change...
So I told him just to use the change machine...
I have never seen a look this hateful in my whole life @___@
So yeah
He changed his $20 bill in the machine
And then didn't know how to make the laundry machine worked
He managed to start two of them and then called me so that I could help him
But it was in a way.... worthy of a caveman.
The worst part is that I only looked at him start the third machine >_>...
Stupid asshole, if you wanna know -_________-
I really go pissed off
I couldn't wait for him to leave...
Normally, in a week
I hear less swearing than I did today...
Okay, I swear a lot too
But I don't fucking swear after my fucking laundry cause I'm too fucking stupid to fucking read how this fucking works Ò____Ó
And cause I'm a woman with a side of my head shaved working in a fucking laundromat doesn't mean I'm a fucking slave Ò__________Ó
Dumbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass >____<

But life is still beautiful 8D


I just hate idiots T_T

I think they should just.............................. Die.



Some things I will never understand...

Why people get jealous over what others worked hard to get.

Why dates such as New Year's Day are noted on calendars.

Why I do get my stomach burning half the times I eat bananas and not when I eat super acid stuff.

Why people come to think that if half of your head is shaved, it's by mistake.

Why people are menacing to commit suicide while there's not a single chance they'd have "the guts" to do it.

Why people are afraid of unavoidable things such as death or ridicule.

Why people care so much about what other'll think about their appearance or behaviour.

Why red dye is so hard to bleach.

Why people must label everything.

Why people think you must have an organized life to be happy.

Why people think that, to reach happiness, you need to be happy 100% of the time.

Why people feel the need to always have more money.

Why people always take stuff you said to the first degree.

Why people always feel the need to blame someone (else) when shit happens.

Why is it so bad to swear or flashing your tits in public when you see dead people on regular basis on TV.

Why poverty is still existing when some people can buy themselves super huge mansion while they live alone.

Why it's said that a band can't become popular if they don't sing in English while it's obvious that people simply don't care about lyrics.

Why people are so afraid of looking ridiculous while they can't even write properly.

Why people don't get that they shouldn't cosplay characters to whom they don't look like.

Why French people hate Québec people for their accent and vice-versa.

Why Indonesian people are this retarded on Pico.

Why people think Robert Pattinson is so hot now that he's a vampire and looks dirty while they couldn't care less about him when he played in Harry Potter.

Why people like Twilight, period.

Or why people like things that look like every other.

And the list would go on forever....


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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