Sunday, November 07, 2010

No answer.

I don't like leaving a comment without any answer.

When people do so
I feel like they don't particularly take the time to read their comments.
Or they're ignoring those who commented.
That's why I try to answer everything.
To me, it's a proof that I have read it.
That I care about what you commented.

If I don't give any answer to your comment
It's that I haven't seen it yet.
Was it on FaceBook or here on my blog.

I take the time to read everything
I promise !
Unless FaceBook gets screwed and that I didn't see the notification...
That kinda happens often, lately...
So you don't have to feel shy about commenting
I won't bite you
Unless you've been mean ! Ha !


It ain't so bad, in the end.

Not a long time ago
Like hum...
2 weeks ago, or so
I had 48 or 49% of first time visitors
Returning visits have improved !
Not bad, not bat at all !
Even though what I say isn't much interesting...
Besides my bitcheries.... HA !

I wanted to ask you
[What pushes you to come back here ?]
But I usually don't have any answer to these kind of questions.


It was all missunderstanding

The post concerning my roomies

In the end
It was all missunderstanding.
Or she was being hypocritical.
But if she was, then
I shall not hear her complain about that again >_>

I still hate people, though.


I hate noisy people.

I hate people who speak loud.

I hate people who make noise when they eat.
I hate people who feel the need to randomly scream.
I hate people who don't really care when they wash the dishes so everything is tinkling together.
I hate people who just throw forks, spoons and knives in the drawer instead of just putting those there.
I hate people who speak loud on the phone in buses/subway/train.

I hate people who don't care being noisy.

To me, being noisy is another way of showing disrespect to others.
Please, try to make the less noise you can !


How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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