Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've got a question, dears.

Does taking sleepin pills prevents from dreaming ? I need the info for a upcoming chapter of a new fic (That I wrote in french, sorry guys.)
But the thing is that, on the web, some say that yes, it does prevent from dreaming, some others say that it doesn't... And none of them have any references...
Wikipedia does... but there's not much in there...
So far, what I think is the good answer is that taking some kind of sleeping pills makes your REM sleep phase shorter... And the REM phase is when it's said people are suppose to dream. So if sleeping pills are only making it shorter, the phase is still there so people may dream anyway... Less than people who don't take those, but they still do.
I'm not quite sure this is THE ULTIMATE answer so I was just asking to make sure so I don't write anything impossible in my fic...

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