Sunday, June 06, 2010


So I'm not James Bond anymore, I guess I just got back at my BondGirl without any Bond state.
So I spent my whole Saturday at Place Laurier, ended up buy shoes for that Ste-Dolorès rorita event (Not that I suddenly devlopped some affection for Montréal's roritaz, but there are some people I wanna see and some others I wanna laugh at.) and three new movies.
That's right, I barely can let a week go buy without buying any movie u.u...
So now I own Red Dragon, Sweeney Todd and Tokyo Gore Police (Yeah, I'll end up buy every asian movie they have at HMV... wwW It's way more interresting than what has been released from the USA, anyway, even if it's just gore to be gore or if it's just.... lolz such as RoboGeisha or Machine Girl... LOL Still... My Japanese movies section is quite... filled with "horror" movies... There's only like... Kamikaze Girls and Kaya's DVD between Ju-on and Marebito.. Ah... and there's Death Note too...)

So yeah, my new shoes are quite comfortable, more than expected, actually... I guess it worth paying 50$ for shoes...

And the TMI part of the show ;D : I was thinking that I would be in my period like... for the Ste-Do, but it just started, so it'll be fine... Sometimes I like my inner-timer ;D !!

Also, I finally watched Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland at Josy's. Why did you thought it sucked ? Because you compared it too much. I mean, except the end which is, I admit it, shitty, the movie is great, the story is inspired by the book, but not exactly the same and I think it's okay... I mean, it's not a censored version as Disney's animated version... the actors were great too, I've been quite surprised by Alice's performance, I wasn't expecting much from her (nor from the entire movie... even though I was sure it wasn't that bad) so yeah... A good movie !
And if you wanna rant on poor book to movie adaptation, rant on fucking Harry Potter, bitch D8< !!!

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