Monday, June 07, 2010


Yeah, my coffee maker is a real thermos... I mean, I made coffee around noon, and now it's almost 9 and it's still hot o_o... Not boiling, but still pretty drinkable... And no, it wasn't still turned on since it turns off by itself.

Also, You know (or not), on Pigg, in March or April, something like this, there was some kind of promotion thing with Pepsi Nex and I was actually wondering what was Pepsi Nex... Well... it's just that here, it's called Pepsi Max and there's ginseng and more cafein in it, so it's more like an energy drink... And it tastes basically the same as normal Pepsi... with less bubbles...

I'm currently cooking. This hasn't happened in... AGES. No lie. I usually just like... do some ramens or make a sandwich or something... But no, I felt like eating some Hamburger Helper... So I bought some with erm... Seems like it's called ground beef in english... Oh well, du boeuf haché, là... Yeah...

I also ended up being able to watch that Sherlock Holmes movie I wanted to watch but couldn't cause it was lagging cause it's a reversible DVD cause there are two movies on it and that I had written my name on it, yesterday. I just like... Well, I thought that I had nothing to lose, since it already wasn't working properly, to try to erase my name with nail polish remover... And it worked ! *Final Fantasy success music*
And the movie was pretty cool, even though they had a REALLY strong british accent... I ended up understanding it pretty well anyway 8B
And there a french dub too, so Lillie-Joe might wanna watch it, someday 8BB (J'sais pas si t'as vu Basil, Détective Privé, aussi... C'est comme une version Disney de Sherlock Holmes, mais genre en souris... Pis c'est comme... un des films de mon enfance *o* Pis j'ai le DVD 8BB)

Talking about Disney in my parenthese just reminds me that I can't really watch the Disney movies of my childhood in english since I've been used to the french dub... WELL, NO. THE CANADIAN FRENCH VERSION. Cause when I watch Disney stuff in french french, I'm just like DDDDDDX !!!!!!!! Cause it's not what I'm used to and I think it sucks (As I think that Adobe stuff suck cause I'm used to Corel ones...)

Ah... And regarding the last fanfic I published, I know that I'm often like "Oh I might wanna translate it someday" but not this one. I'll never translate it. Why ? Cause I don't think it's translatable (? Creating words again ?). The sentences structures and the words are too gorgeous for me to scrap it by translating it. By that I also mean that if you are learning french or if you learned french at school, unless you are PERFECTLY bilingual, you probably won't understand much of it, now that I'm thinking about it...
This being said, are there some of you learning/having learnt french and are actually reading my work ? o_ô... It's not as if I never read any english fictions... (And I'm reading Anne Rice in english... I sometimes have some hard time getting what is said... Haha XD But sentences structures and words in english aren't as complicated as in french, said the girl who learned english at school and whose first language is french... Cause you're right, french is fucking complicated and is one of, if not the, most complicated language to learn... Even japanese is easier, the kanji put aside, of course, since their grammar is quite simple... But still, once you can speak and write pretty good french, I guess you can learn whatever language it is... The coolest part in this is that I never learned Italian nor Spanish but I can understand the big lines of it when it's written cause it looks a bit like french (as german looks a bit like english)... Actually, italian is more similar to french that spanish... But anyway...)

Aaaaaah ! Languages... It's something I think I'm good at learning... I'll maybe end up taking Japanese, Italian and German courses cause I don't give a fuck about Spanish and cause it's actually a thing that I wish I could do since I'm 15 or so...
Gosh... When I was 15... That's already 6 years ago... .___. I still feel like if it was yesterday... Or like 3 years ago.... Time goes by so fast... To fast for my brain, I'm 3 years late, now. Or let's just say that I seriously think that I'll by stuck at 18, in my head til I'll turn like... 40 and then I'll go depressed cause I'll realize that I'm 40 and I'll be like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOES !!! And then I'll go back to 18 and start singin 18 til I die cause that's the way it'll surely happens... (Actually, it'll happen at 30... and 40... and 50... and we'll see after that... I'm defenitely not up to this yet o_o; ... Hello, Peter Pan Syndrome !)

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Sven,  June 10, 2010 at 9:15 a.m.  

ça m'est arrivée d'être bloquée sur mon âge, genre le pierceur qui me demande si je suis majeure et moi qui hésite XD j'ai pas du être crédible ce jour-là...

Si je n'avais pas été française, je pense que j'aurais réfléchi à deux fois avant d'apprendre cette langue, même nous en cours de grammaire on comprend rien >_< et on est nuuuuuuuuuls dans l'apprentissage des langues étrangères, ça me désole o_o genre en fac y a des gens qui savent toujours pas parler anglais, ça me choque...

et je vais partir en quête de Pepsi Nex parce que j'en ai absolument pas entendu parler !

Trucydae June 10, 2010 at 3:55 p.m.  

Bah le perceur, c'est pas comme si c'était pour sortir en boîte ou un truc comme ça XDDD

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