Tuesday, June 22, 2010

His right tattoo sleeve wasn't this long, isn't it ?

Aaaah... I've nothing else to say besides OMG FAIL cause I thought we were already on June 23rd... But we're on the 22nd....  Oh well, I guess it's just that I can't wait to move in XD
Yeah, and :
The pigs.... remind me... of Saw.
You know the Monopoly Canada version.... We had to vote for cities we wanted to see on the board and... On RadioX, they pushed us to vote for Beauceville.  WELL.  Beauceville'll be on Monopoly Canada's board XDDDD
I never thought they'd make it XD

Edit 10/06/23 : Regarding Kaoru's tattoo sleeve, well... I looked at Flavie's poster's in our room, since I removed mine, and... Well... It was this long... Just my memories which got fucked again XD

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