Thursday, February 18, 2010

Being kept without internet doesn't make me stop doing memez

Pick one of your favourite bands and answer the questions about them.

What is the band's name?
HGFSHGFJSGJHS. Dir en grey (Yeah, Kaya can suck my balls, presently... OMG DID YOU JUST SAID THAT ?! Yes I did.)

Insert a picture of them:
I'll look for it later, anyway, everyone knows what they look like. DONTCHA ?!?!?!

How long have you been a real fan?
Something like 5 years ? Erm... More like 6.... OH WELL 5 AND A HALF.

How long have they been around?
Since... 1997 ? Eh... Something like this... YEAH cause they just turned 13 years old... SO YEAH. 1997. 13 years.

Have you liked them since they brought out their first album/single?
I was 8 when they formed. Let me tell you that I wouldn't have given a shit about them singing about some kind of garden with pikachu voices.
Yes, I'm really nice to whom I'm fangirling about <3

Do you own all their CD's?
Hum.... Noez. But I've... 4 ? Maybe 5 ? @___@ Okay, I've got 4.

Would you count yourself as a super fan?
LOLZ. Of course not TSÉ. I'm a fucking fangirl, bitch ! >_>

How many albums have they brought out?
Albums = no single (Anyway, I'd get lost with this @___@) So. Missa, Gauze, Macabre, Kisou, Six Ugly, Vulgar, Withering to Death, The Marrow of a Bone and Uroboros. Which makes 7 albums and 2 mini-albums... oh and there's Kai, but since Kai is only made of sucking remixes, well... (WRONG. Trucy, you like Cage's remix. Right, but that's all.)... Oh and Missa might not count since they were still indies... Oh well...

What genre of music do they play?
They touched to everything, but I guess they could be categorized into something like nü-metal... Even though when I read nü-metal, I don't specially think about pretty good bands..... LOL. JAPANESE-METAL >8B (Please, god ! No !) I guess they're just... Diru-Styled.... Aren't they ?

Do you like other bands in this genre?
If we can call this a genre, I guess I do. I like stuff like (the second half of) RENTRER EN SOI and lynch. ... Or Arch Enemy when I'm mad at the world.. And Eths. I love Eths o_o... That's probably one of the best french bands around here~

Are they a famous/mainstream band, pretty underground or famous in their genre?
Famous in their genre, maybe ? considering all those wapaneses... But, hum... They only like... begin to have something that looks like a reputation on the metal scene =o

Have you ever seen them live?
Twice >8B

What about met them?
FJKLSHFKJSHFKJSHKJDHSKJDS. I wouldn't know what to say, I'd stammer and fuck up my english and not even Nora would get a shit of what I'm saying. HAHA.

Do you own any T-shirts of the band?
I do xD

Has the band always had the same members?
It's one of the rare japanese bands who still have the original line-up....

Have they ever changed lead singers?
.... Read the previous answer, please.

How many vocalists are there in the band?
Only one, but they all do back vocals ? Mah.

Name member #1:
Die >8B

Member #2:

Member #3:
Member #4:
Toshiya..... HOW ABOUT A FIFTH MEMBER !??!?! è_é Fucker.

Okay, I'll add Member #5:
Shinya 8D Everyone's happy now =3

What does #1 do/play?
Guitar~ (← This sounded as in I believe in a thing called love..... LOL)

Member #2?
That's.. Lead guitar isn't it ? I'm not even sure but anyway... Both guitar parts are pretty different and distinc in Dir grey, so... Yeah, I guess we can't really talk anymore about a lead guitar or something... There's even three guitars, in some songs, so... XD

Member #3:

Member #4:
Bass with or without pick, 4 or 5 strings and I think there's something else but... Yeah...

Member #5:
Drum and percussions. HAVE YOU SEEN HIS DRUMS ?! HAVE YOU ?! There's drums all around him, SERIOUSLY.

Do you have a favourite member?
Nooooo. Absolutely NOT. What ? No. That's a LIE. I'm not a Die fangirl, what are you fuckin talking about ?!?!

Do you know who writes the lyrics?
I do. Wanna know about it ?

Who is the bestlooking member?
LOL THE WORST IN THIS IS THAT IT'S NOT EVEN DIE. Oh well... Most of the time. But I guess it depends of the shooting cause... Like hem.... Toshiya has the best and the worst pictures, you know... XD

Describe the vocals:
.... Tortured ? But real... Somewhat the reflection of life, I guess...

Describe the music:
Estie que j'suis loin de Lillie-Joe avec son joyeux et enfantin XDDD
But the same description as for the vocals would fit in here...

What do you like most about this band?
That's a good question. o_o...
I guess that I could say that it's they way they have to share emotions and feelings... Since the begining, in most of their songs, I can get the main feeling even though I don't really get japanese...
You know that I first been scared by Obscure ? Now go take a look at some lyrics translations... Yeah.

Which, do you believe, has been their best album and why?
This album... is Dir en grey. It sums up their earlier work as well as it is what they are now... It's dark and heavy, even more than any previous album but in a way that... hum... a very human way... I think that's the best way I could describe it. It suits my way of thinking almost perfectly, basically.

What about your favourite songs?
Mah. I love so many of their songs... I'd end up by saying like 3989743 songs and... well... Let's skip that one.

What year was their last album released?
Uroboros has been released in November 2008, but their last single, Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no yami, has been released in december 2009~

Insert the lyrics of one of your favourite songs:
Mah. I don't know... Look for Ain't afraid to die's lyrics, I guess o_ô... Or those for the english version of Glass Skin... Yeah... (Yeah, I know, I'm a lazy bitch~)

What makes them different from other bands?
Damn ! have you read my answers ?!

Are you truly obsessed with this band?

And finally, do you think you will always be a fan?
Well.. I hope I will ô_ô !

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