Sunday, October 04, 2009


I finally rewatched Salon de Chocolat <3 (And the Live thingy which came with Last Snow)
There was so many men I haven't noticed, before, in the crowd o_ô....
I mean.... There was a guy with his hair shaved bald who knows every songs by heart.... In a Kaya live... I must have missed some part LOL.
I still don't like his Poodle Wig >_>... I looks cheap to me, if you wanna know @_@
And for the Last Snow thingy blah... Well... I haven't noticed before now that he was actually glittering, or, in the beginning, at least.... And, well... what's the first song ? Well it is Carmilla... And what Carmilla is about... well... it is about vampire... SO I GUESS THAT'S MAKING A NEW GLITTERING VAMPIRE. Though, this one looks a bit less ridiculous... Eheh...
And when he comes out from his frame, we can see his bra's shoulder strap XD
Actually, I'm not done watching the Last Snow thing and I still want to see, again, Kaya as a man cause.... DJSKHDKHSKDHKJSHDKJSDHKSHDGS *ç*

Edit : HA ! They're Ryoshin and Hiroyuki ! No more mystery, ostie ! Now I know their name ! è_é !
I still don't know who's who, but... As if I really cared LOL.
But the thing is that I think Ryo wasn't there in the beginning.... And that it was that Yasu guy...
But, yeah... Anyway, I don't really give a f*** about them, actually XD...
Now, I just kinda wonder what a live looks like without Ochi D8......
OH ! And when there's only Kaya and Ochi on the stage, while hum... Paradise Lost, I think... Well... When Kaya licks Ochi's neck, Ochi has a face saying something like "Guuh, I'm still not used to it... On stage..." LOL. <3

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