Saturday, October 03, 2009

I was playing Pet Society and then...

I thought about this.
I know pretty well what my dream boy looks like... But what about my dream girl ?
I mean... My dream boy is... Not Kaya since I wouldn't go out with a 27 years old man saying he had hundreds of lovers... EVEN if he's wearing a dress and make-up.  But it would probably looks more like one of his male fans.... But... LOL... Kaya fans are mostly lolitas and gay boys SO YEAH, unless a penis suddenly pops out in my pants, I don't think this will ever happen... LOL. (Still it is that I may be surprised.... Wasn't I the one saying that the perfect man was bisexual ? YEAH I SAID THAT !)
So yeah... I'm kinda wondering, now xD....
Let's see.... I prefer small girls since tall girls.... well girls as tall as me, I see them more like.... not competition, but... lol, anyway.... And girls taller than me are SCARY D8< unless they are models...
Most of the time, I don't really give a fuck about blonde... unless they are BLONDE... like platinum or almost white....
Ah ! and I don't like masculine girls (LOL I know, what I currently wear isn't feminine AT ALL.) since, most of the time, those tomboys are more on the seme side (of the force) and I'm not attracted by seme since I am one (with girls, mostly)... And the things is that... if I like girls... IT'S BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE GIRLS.
I don't particularly like a girl in jeans, so classy pants or skirts.... Unless they are thin and wear skinny jeans <3
Oh ! SHE MUST KNOW HOW TO USE MAKE-UP.  Very important ! Not because it hides imperfections and stuff but because someone who doesn't know how to put make-up on means they won't ever wear any of it and that's boring.

Actually, the picture is getting.... quite like... really sweet in my head... Sweet like pink @_@ Not specially lolita, I got quite bored with those, actually.... They're cute, but not as stunning as they used to be... So it's boring.  (See ? When I say that something is or it's not.... Well if it's not stunning, then it's boring... That's what I mean and I think this pictures it well...)... But in my head, sweet also get along pretty well with black XD
It maybe sounds stupid, but I really didn't really knew what type of girl I actually liked XD Now this is making it clearer since, before this, I never took the time to really think about it xD

Hum.. yea, I should quit saying that I'm a bisexual... And start saying that I'm a anyone-wering-a-skirt-and-make-upsexual <3

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