Saturday, June 27, 2009

Vacations and shopping Sprees, these are a few of her favorite things.

I went to Place Lau with Kasum this afternoon. T'was good to go out a bit and spend some money. Best medecine ever 8B.

So yeah, I was in that Brunet Drug Store cause I wanted to get that purple shampoo (ENFIN.) And then I saw a blue bottle which has PLACENTA written on it. I'm curious, you know, so I looked at the label. This shampoo was against the loss of hair. You all know that my hair grow reaaaally fast... it's also result into massive loss of hair D8. So I buyed this shampoo and I guess we'll see the results in a few weeks. And yeah I bought that purple shampoo (To remove the yellow tone of my blonde side.)
I also bought my pearl necklace. Bizou had what I needed, as expected. Thank you Bizou. I bought some new sunglasses, too. (Since I forgot mine in the Pays des vaches... Also because those were purple and it wasn't really suiting everything I'd wore (Yes, I'm a girl.)...) So I bought a black and a... Écaille de tortue ? Well... Something like this :

oO... Not only LIKE. They're almost the same XD;;;
The other one is black...
One thing I hate about buying glasses is that........ THEY'RE DIRTY. People are dumb enough to put their dirty fat fingers IN the glass.

I was sad. I didn't find any pretty fabric so I could do my Marilyn-like dress ;___;
I was to do one in color and an other one in........ DUH. White. Lulz. But the thing is that I don,t really know what kind of fabric to take to sew that dress oO... Something not too heavy, I guess...
Aaaw... It's the (almost) exact same dress ;_; ! I bought that pattern impulsively, I wasn,t really sure, but... Yeah ♥ Sometimes, I love my memory ♥♥♥

I guess that's all~

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