Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hello english readers !

I was wondering...
Are there enough of you, here, so I'll have to kick my ass to write more in english so you may understand better than those shitty google translations (You know it's bullshit.) ?
I know there's a few of you trying to figure out what I say, but since I use a lot of Québec words, well... XD;;; Those are making Google translations even more shitty, aren't they ? Ahah XD
So yeah, if there are some of you who wants me to write more in english, just tell me.
Maybe it'll kick my ass harder than before and that'll just stard translating my blog or something... Aaaaaah I don't know... My brain is like... constantly struggling between english and french and well... Yeah, that's acting weird in my memory, y'know... Like I remember things in the wrong language XD; (okay, what was the point of this ?)

So yeah... Just tell me if there's some english-speaking readers here...

Though, I can't ONLY write in english, some french speakers will complain and I'll complain too since there's somethings I CAN'T juste write in english... Like... If I advertise one of my fanfic release (lol) and that it's written in french, I won't go : "Hey guys, I wrote a new fic ! It's called Abandonné and it's only in french LOLOLOLOLZ. Screw You, english readers !" No, I won't do that. I'll just say it in french because it's useless to say it in english... And one way or another, you'll be able to complain again so I translate my fiction (which is a real pain in the ass, if you wanna know -_-... But that'll be a good thing, especially for New Vogue Children in which I forgot some details... It would get me more into the story... And it would be good for old stuff such as Black & White too (I began to translate it, actually) cause it would give me the opportunity to rewrite it since I think the way it's written now is kinda... Yukky.... (It won't be better in english, though.... Since I don't really like the way I write in english D8.... I don't know, I feel like there's not enough synonyms in english. That sucks. French is better è_é And Prettier. Though, it often sounds dumb, in a song... Specially Québec's french... "TUUUUU M'MANQUES ! ON A PLEIN DE CHOSES À SE DIRE, APRÈS LA PLUIE L'BEAU TEMPS MAIS L'ORAGE PEUT DURER LONGTEMPS " Know what I mean. End of the parenthese))

I don't remember what I was talking about and I'm too lazy to re-read it and I have to find a few links (two)... So yeah :


If I get at least 5 readers, I'll start considering having a real english blog.

And if you're reading this via FaceBook, please click on "View original post" right below... Like beside the "Like" button. Or just click on the previous (or following) "View original post". And comment on that original post instead of FaceBook, please. I'll kick your ass if you comment on FaceBook cause it'll mean that your a dummy è_é ! I don't like dummies ! Be intelligent kthxbai ! ♥

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