Sunday, July 11, 2010

Through red September, the sky's fire-paved

Eh... Ok, actually, I was listening to Rammstein and then I remembered that the first version I had from Hallelijah was said to be from Resident Evil's soundtrack... So I put the DVD in and skipped to the end credits and yeah the song wasn't there, but I took notes of the songs listed there, I might search for them later.
So, while having the boxset out, I though I could look for what's playing it the other movies and.. Nymphetamine plays in Resident Evil Apocalypse ?! o_ô... I knew that song when I watched to move for the first time, normally I should have went like JSDHKJS OH MY FUCKING GOD IT'S CRADLE !!!!! And I would have remember it, wouldn't I ? o_o... I think I'll watch it again when I'll ve done with RE : Extinction's songs... Cause I'm really like "HEEE !!!" with the japanese accent, now XDDD  Even though that'll probably make so that I won't sleep pretty well tonight... huhu ._.
This being said, I also can't wait for the fourth movie to come out \(¯w¯)/

Edit after the movie had been watched : I still don't get where the song played.... But maybe it's cause I look for the part with Liv Christine and that the part played was in the overdose part... Eh ?

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