Sunday, July 11, 2010

Trucy's vicious, suspicious

Man.... do I look this suspicious ? o_o
I just went out for a smoke and there was the janitor cleaning the doors windows and he watched me smoking my cigarette aaaaaaall along.  I'm no extraordinary woman, today, just put on a jean and my Evanescence tour shirt, so there's no way he was looking at me think that I was a woman he'd like to put in his bed >_>...
And when I came back in, he was still staring at me as I went up that stairs... What the fuck was he looking at ?! D8<
Ok that I had my eye borws a little frowned, but I'm just frowning all the time, now... even RIGHT NOW I'm frowning for no reason, except maybe that I've been annoyed by that man, but still... It's just some kind of habit of mine... I'm not even sure it's this noticeable since it's not frowning like if I was angry or something...
So yeah, that man was even freaker than I am >_>... Fuck that !

Anyway, I feel like drawing again right now, but I think I'll try to improve my drawing skills... I wanna quit drawing THIS cute -__-;; I feel like if I had a chihuahua to freak out people with that drawing style... I'll try something new... I'LL DO MY BEST 8B

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