Sunday, July 11, 2010

Team Rocket is blasting off agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain !

I just tried to get connected, I thought that no one was home so that wouldn't fuck up anyone's connection... But my room mate just got out of his room to turn off and on the router, which means he got disconnected.
Which means I couldn't be righter : What fucks up our connection is that there's only one channel for 3 computers and they're all fighting to have it, as simple as that.
I wish I'd be able to hack connections... I'd be able to get the one of the appartment below us... The signal is even stronger than ours XD and there's 10 channels >_>...
For once, I'm not pissed or anything, I just know the source of the problem and I can't really do anything for it... So I'll just wait for no one to be home and I'll use internet, that's all...

Oh and, on a completely unrelated subject, in the end I won't work on saturdays, so everything'll be alright to go at the Pique-Nique Victorien and my grand-mother's wedding.  I won't have to ask for 984579348573984 off days, only those which I'll got at Toronto to see D'espairsRay (10-12 of August) which is awesome. Speaking of them, is there anyone else here beside Josy, Mad, Franco and Matsuro going ? I think it could be interresting if I could meet some of you in the line... Just be aware that we'll arrive here pretty soon on the 11th so that we have good places at the front~ (Cause yeah, for those who didn't knew it yet, D'espairsRay in Toronto on August 11th 2010 8B [Edit : WO. WOH, like really WOH. I must be starting to end things in "ey" when there's a "r" before... You know, I learned to write gray.  Now I write grey... Huhu.  BUT THEN, I WROTE D'ESRPAIRSREY. OMG. Bad. Not to mention that when I first discovered then, I thought they were called D'espairspray...................... LOL. Spray can of despair... How nice XDDD])

One last unrelated thing : Was it Mein Teil the Rammstein song speaking about that cannibalism thing which happened at this Ramstein with only a single M place ? Cause from what I understand since german sounds a bit like english, that would be it... I hear something that sounds like, once translated in english "Then, you are face to his mouth -I don't really get what here- This is, this is my tale, my tale..." if mein teil really means my tale... lol... So yeah, I guess I'll have to see for the lyrics and do a beautiful google translation~ since I wanna know what it says... and then I'll go look on wikipedia XDDD

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