Sunday, August 22, 2010

Regarding the extreme lack of updates...

Let's make things clear.  The thing is that we had a contract with Videocunttron which ended on July 31st, my roomate said she would get internet from another company (Bell, I guessed) after this but she haven't called before the contract ended, so yeah, we couldn't have Internet right after Videotron shut everything off here.  Normally, I guess we could have had it way before this but, I don,t know... I don,t really talk with my roomies so I don't know what,s going on... anyway, if we get connected like now, we'd pay fro a whole month while only a week and a half is remaining, so my guess is that we'll have it back in September, but I might be wrong.   BUT STILL.  I'm not paying for internet, so I don't have to complain.

Besides this, I'm quite surprised by my stats... I mean, I thought visits would have been lower than this, like 10 visits a day, but I still have between 20 and 40 visits a day.... for a blog that haven't really been updated for two whole weeks, that's not bad at all o_ô !

So yeah, if I'm updating, right, it's only cause I spent the week end at my mom's house~  My grand mother was getting re-married yesterday, so...

Also, on friday night, I finally watched Hellraiser and I kinda wondered if that movie really meant to be scary... I know that many, many people were grossed out by it, especially near the end but.... I must say that th thing that grossed me out the most were the white worms, period.  I also thought the story was quite.... close to stupid or boring ._. .... In the end, if I wanna watch something gore, I think I'll just watch Saw... At least the story has something to make my brain work, a story that we can't really guess what will happen, the very first time you watch it...  So yeah, I really can't rely on others' opinion about movies, my opinion is... not always but... different from theirs... Most movies they thought were good, I thought they just sucked *cough*twilight*cough*, the same goes for scary bloody horror movies, I guess...
And, when I was younger, I didn't want to watch horror movies cause I thought I would have been scared... So I haven't watched any horror movies 'til I turned 16 or so... Now I just laugh a them....  Are there still people scared by Scream ?  Cause... God ! This is a hella good comedy ! XD

Anyway, now I should go see if my clothes are dry, cause I should leave soon to go back in the no-internet-land =o

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