Sunday, August 22, 2010

This is a (fake) real update.

Don't ask me why I like this.  I like it, that's all. è_é

Other than this, I was catching up what I missed of Hazuki's blog and....
Man.... We actually dress the same was, if it wasn't that I'm wearing skirts and dresses too....  Or we would dress the exact same if I had some engineer boots...  But I'm still not convinced by those... Even though he and Hiko has some and that I bought some for GuiDie (YES.  I CHANGED MY PICO-DIE'S NAME.  Was kinda sick of people calling him Ando and I was like... Err... that's quite rude, dude -.-; SO.   I like the new name pretty much 8BBBB AND YES IT'S PRONOUCED AS GUÉDAILLE >8BBBBBBBBB That's actually why I like it this much.  Yes, that's stupid, whatever.  Fuck you.  KTHXBAI. 8D) and my Pico self....      I'm not sure I really like those kinda boots, actually o_ô..... ANYWAY.  I already have my converses as flat shoes, those should be enough... not to mention that I spent the week not wearing heels....  I knew that would actually happen if I was buying flat shoes =\.... I've troubles really setting my mind to something... >_<; ....  In that case, it's not even a lazyness problem cause I put on my heels quicker than my converses, it's just.... I don't know... That pisses me off D8< I'm glad I've no clone, I'd feel like killing her -.-
No wonder why sometimes I don't feel like seeing anybody if I can't even stand myself... ! BUT HEY.  I'm not here to get emo over me and my shitty personality 8B

In the end, I didn't even continued Et si... ?, but that's my lazyness fault... I hate typing -.- But I can't write anymore directly on the computeer and I don't fucking get why x____x (Oh wow, that's the first time I say a fuck realated thing in this entry... XD)
And I wanted to say something else but seems like I forgot what it was... oh well... Anyway, I guess that was enough for a fake update....  I feel boring... I should go to bed.... OH FUCK YEAH IT'S 4:30 AM o_o.... Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.

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