Saturday, August 07, 2010

One week without any news...


Actually, people friends with my main FaceBook account know about it, but maybe some of you here are wondering what's going on since I haven't blogged anything since........ Oh... Since July 29th LOL.
Yeah, so on July 31st, there was the Grand Pique-Nique Victorien de Montréal, pretty nice day even though there weren,t many people we knew there.
Then, on August 1st, they cut our Internet connection since the contract ended on July 31st.  SO.  That's what going on : I'll have no Internet connection until my roomie fix that problem~

But.  I'm still updating my FaceBook account from my cell phone, so if you are missing me way to much to bear the lack of update here, just add me~

So right now, I'm borrowing Lillie Joe's comp to update~~ Cause, lately, my life is summarized with playing Dragon Quest IX, Pokémon (I'm now up to 412 pokémons caught 8DD !) and Sims 2... LOL.

Today I went to Place Laurier with Lillie Joe cause we wanted to exchange a Cacnea for a Beedrill for our Pokédex completition... LOL.  I also bought flat shoes for D'espairsRay's show... Some converse replica I got at Ardene's.... Like... for not even $15 I got some better quality shoes that won't get worn out in a month than thos I paid $30 at Yellow's.... Lulz ?  Owned.
And I found Hellraiser, the first one, this time XD And a special for Matrix, Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolution and Animatrix... 2/$20 @ HMV >8BBBBB

So yeah, that was it...

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