Sunday, August 08, 2010

Nicknames, Screen names, Scene names, whatever names.

There are rumours out on the Internet saying that Die's actual real name would be Ando(u) Masaru instead of Ando(u) Daisuke, and fantards are all like "BUT OMG WTF WHY DID THEY LIED AND BLAHBLAHBLAH" 
Eh.... Dudettes.... None of Dir's members' name have ever been officially revealed, did you know that ? So maybe that Kaoru isn't really called Kaoru and that his real name would be Takeshi ? And what if Shinya's real name is Kouta ? And if Toshiya was called Yoshi instead of Toshimasa ? I mean... Who cares ! -.- It's only that we've been used to names that MOST people think it's their real names... You would have been used to Masaru, you would have thought it's weird if his actual name would have been Daisuke *shrug shoulders*
Anyway, those are just RUMOURS.  No one said it was true.  So please stop panic-ing that Masaru sounds nothing like Die cause that's just stupid.  Does Trucydae sounds like my actual name ? Does Lillie Joe sounds like her actual name ? Does Kalmie sounds like her actual name ? Does MAD sounds like her actual name ?  Does Matsuro sounds like her actual name ? No, no, no, no and NO.  So why would his name HAVE to sound alike ? Maybe he just wanted a kick ass name as I wanted to have a kick ass name when I chose Trucydae as screen name, who knows ?
In the end, who. fucking. cares................ ?! Die is Die, Kaoru is Kaoru, Kyo is Kyo, Shinya is Shinya and Toshiya is Toshiya ! Why would it be SO fucking important to know their real names ?! o_ô...... We don't really know Mana's real name and we're not dead yet !

And yes, in my head, they'll be called Ando Daisuke, Niikura Kaoru, Niimura Kyo, Terashi Shinya and Hara Toshimasa 'til I proven wrong and that there are written proofs of it other that just "I've been told that..."
Anyway, there are also others saying that they kept lying and saying random stuff in interviews, back in the time, so....................
Not as if it really was important -.-

Same thing for their ages... People are kinda arguing to know if there's one or two years difference between Die and Kyo.... But still.... WHO CARES ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O___________O....
Is it really important to know that both Kaoru and Die are born in 1974, Kyo in 1976 (or 77...), Toshiya in 1977 (or 78, depends of Kyo's age !) and Shinya in 1978 (or 79, depends of Toshiya's age ! HA !) ?! Can't you see how ridiculous it is ? In the end, Gackt is saying that he's 300 something years old... I hope you don't seriously believe in that.... Those things are futile... People shouldn't argue on those subjects, that's just awefully stupid -_-...
But still... The same goes for their ages than for their names... In my head, Kaoru's born on February 17th 1974, Die on December 20th 1974, Kyo on February 16th 1976, Toshiya on March 31st 1977 and Shinya on February 24th 1978.... But that what I believe.
Now it's up to you to believe or not what I say is divine sayings.... HA !

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