Tuesday, October 13, 2009


With Ameba, I usually don't bother reading the post and click on the first pic I see to see only the pictures of the blog.
I just did so on Hazuki's blog.
And I saw this :

Trucy's brain excerpt #287928931 : "I know that.  I know this guys.   Who's with Junji ?! *clickies on tah linkies*  Gneeeh.... *reads ルイザさんとスター。* Ru...... I......Za.... san to su..... taa... EH. THAT'S RUIZA !"
Yeah, and after he's being gay saying something like "It's so good to see Ruiza !" and that's all.

And I really like the facts that google translates Ruiza into Louisa.   LOL.

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