Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Suppurate System

You maybe know that name as being Ryonai's lovely jewelry brand, though, before it became only that, it was a... well band is not the good word for this, even though they did music... Well... I think there was a photobook or something by Suppurate System... I don't really remember XD;;;
But hey... I had four Suppurate System songs in my comp since... Quite a long time oO...
I juste uploaded them. Enjoy :


I KNOW it's written BLAM HONEY, but it sounds really alike and well... It's Ryonai's music, after all... Change it to Suppurate System once you'll have downloaded them if you want cause I'm too lazy to do it.
And no, I don't remember the other one's name. Thanks to Nautiljon, now I remember. She's called Micael and she's the reson why the music part of Suppurate System : She just left or so it has been said.

So yeah, this is a Maxi-Single called Affekt Pendule. If someone has the other one, Heather Disperse, would they be nice enough to upload it for us, underground fans ?

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