Monday, June 29, 2009

I cleaned some things up.

Like my account.
Deleted a few.... shit like Creep (I'll re-write this one in a less offensive way ._. .... I like the lyrics, actually. It won,t be with Kaoru and Die ¬___¬), DoShitte (ce titre m'a toujours fait marrer XDDD), all fictions related to AnCafe and Gazette and stuff like this but one because it's only featuring Aoi and I chose Aoi only because he used to be pretty and that I needed someone to illustrate my charater. 8BBBB. And most Dir en grey fictions are gone too.
So every 2005 fictions are gone (Thank God !!!!!) and a few 2006 too.
I also deleted Dramatic no Bara since a paragraph was missing, for some reason oO.....
Though, I kept every title in my profile... If I feel like it, I could send those fictions to whoever asks for them. Just keep in mind that those fictions sucks : they aren't well written and the plot... well... Anyway..... And they're in french.
Someday, I'll clean up each mess the site did when I uploaded my stories... But right now I'll go to bed.

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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