Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Vidoll will come back~

It is nothing official

Since I follow Jui's blog...

So yeah
He says that he has been singing
And I think he also talked about being in studio~
(Beside saying he bought a thing to steam cook food in the micro wave 
And showing every meals he does with it LOL)

He also said that he went to the hair dresser
Saying it was for an upcoming shooting
And mentioning not to know which color to chose
(He chose some kind of chestnut-blonde-tea.... 
Like the kind of color YOMI used to have oO...
But no one really know about Nightmare, here...
Are you ?)

If Vidoll isn't coming back
Well, at least Jui will \o/

I actually don't see why Vidoll wouldn't come back oO...

But !
I must say I'm glad about it.
Even though Vidoll isn't what they used to be
And that I don't like that
Just the fact of thinking Jui could have lost one of the things that worth the most to him...
And thinking how bad he would have felt
Made me feel bad too...
So I'm glad he's able to sing again !

Please do your best in the future !
I'm so wapanese ! HA !

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