Monday, October 11, 2010

Tabarnak XDDDD

Die: I am more feminine than you'd ever think. [...] Seriously I easily cry recently. Even while walking and listening to music when the scenery and the song randomly overlaps my eyes fill with tears and such.

Seriously, man... help yourself !
I already don't think you're pretty masculine !

And this making me remember something...
Like I was listening to MUCC's 雨のオーケストラ (Ame no orchestra) while walking in the rain
That was a few weeks ago
And it was raining...
And I was all like [sjkdhakfjh T___________T]
Because it was beautiful XD

But this rarely happens...
It also could happen while listenning to Glass Skin
In the rain too...
But other than this, I don't cry easily...
But when I watch Moulin Rouge.... LOL.
There are a few other movies, such as Finding Neverland...
But other than this, no.
I don't cry XD !

Oh yeah, and the quote was coming with this :

He sure as his hair as thick as I have mine XDD
Well.... If I hadn't got them "thinned" lately... 
Like, if I do myself some pigtails, a single one of them is still bigger than if, as for an example, Lillie Joe's pony tail... Eh ?

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