Monday, October 11, 2010



I just woke up....
I was dreaming....
Like there was Kyo.
Yes Kyo, THE Kyo, like in Dir en grey, yo.
He was entering a house right next to my mother's house...
With a gang of... other people, I don't quite remember who...
But it happened that this house was Kya's house, even though it looked NOTHING like her actual house XD
So I though [Oh god, I must go save him !] (Whut ?!)
So I got in the house but as I reached the room where Kyo was, Kya's mom was blocking the way.. 
I don't quite remember what she was saying, but I was just like... [Oh come on, shut the fuck up -.-]
I finally reached the place which was a reaaaally tiny room oO...
And he looked like really scared
I was like [What ? What's wrong ? What happened ?!]
And he whispered to me with his strong japanese accent [They're after me ! D8] (Yes, with that face !)
So I took his arm and told him to follow me.
I was going to bring him back to my house.
But then, as we went down the stairs, there was a bunch of some ghetto gangsta yo guys
And then, Kyo went all like DDDDDDDDDD8.....
Like almost hiding behind me... L-O-L.
So, the gansta boys yelled some shit to us, and I just answered like [Fuck you ;D]
And we fled to my house.
We were kinda out of breath, so we just let us fall on the random bed there was there.
And then........ It felt as if Kyo didn't know how to thank me for having saved him from the gangsta boys
So he kissed me.
But like in FRENCH KISSING. @_____@
I was like [O___O What the fuck are you doing....... ?!?!?!?!?!?!]
And I woke up still being like O_____________________O;;;

The only thing I can say is that he had really soft lips LOL
But beside this, I.... don't know XD
Seriiously o_o;;;.... 
As if I was a super hero....
And Kyo a damsel in distress LOLOLOLOLOL.
First, why Kyo, eh ? o_ô....
Second, why Kya's house if she weren't there ? (Well... her mother was...)
OH YEAH.  I think it was winter too...

So yeah.... I don't get it XD

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