Monday, October 11, 2010

La fille qui regarde mûrir ses bananes pis qui trouve ça long.

I was browsing some old topics on New Vogue Children Saumon

And I found back a Jrock/VK survey I did...
Where I was saying that my favourite guitariste was...



Why have I answered this ?! 
Fucking Copy/Paste WHORE.

So I decided to update it here.
It's under the cut cause it's fucking long.
001) How did you discover JRock? I was looking for some goffik music because I was SO goffik and I stepped into Moi dix Mois.....
002) When did you discover JRock? 6 years and something ago....
003) So how long have you been a fan then? See previous question...
004) Are you a fan of Visual Kei? LAWL.
005) Are you a fan of JPop? Some... Pretty few...
006) Are you a fan of fanservice? It really depends... Staged fanservice is a real turn off, right Gazette ?

007) First solo artist you heard? Gackt or miyavi.... I think more Gackt than miyavi cause au Malice Mizer...
008) First band/group you heart? Heart or heard ? oh well... in both case it's Moi dix Mois...
009) First JRock crush? OH LAWL.  LOOK AT MY BANNER ! (Still sticked to him even 6 years after o_ô)
010) First JRocker to scare you? .... Have I ever been scared by.... OH ISSHI FROM KAGRRA, o_o Back in the time, he scared me....
011) First JRocker you mistook for a woman? Lulz... Mana XD And then I learnt he was a man and I was all like EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ?!?!?! XDDDD
012) First yaoi pairing you saw? Must be something related to Dir en grey.... Like KaoruXDie... 
013) First yaoi pairing you became a fan of? XD Probably DiexToshiya....
014) First Asian Kung-Fu Generation song? Haruka Kanata I guess.... Well... the Naruto song... I didn't even know it was from naruto, though XD
015) First B'z song? Only know them by name...
016) First baroque song? Eh.... I think I have a song from them... wait a sec... Caramel Drop.
017) First BLOOD song? Canary oO...
018) First Buck-Tick song? Gessekai ♥
019) First Deadman song? Eh.... oO please god, I think....
020) First D'espairsRay song? Erm.... Good question something like oboro no tsuki...
021) First Dir en grey song? Obscure.... I've been scared XD So much that it took a few months befor I gave them a second chance.... In the end I fell in love with Cage and listened to Obscure again and... It ended up to be one of my favorite songs XD
022) First Due'le Quartz song? .... Wait... Jisatsu Ganbou
023) First Duel Jewel song? Never Blue.... it's the only one I ever had XDDD
024) First Gackt song? Vanilla or Mizerable... As almost everyone...
025) First Gazette song? Eeeeeeerm... I THINK it was Miseinen...
026) First GLAY song? Two Bell Silence !
027) First hide song? .... Pink Spider or something like this... or Ever Free... or Rocket Dive...
028) First Hyde song? ... Erf.... Hello... AH MY GOD Spatu dans le local d'art plastique XDDD.... J'm'étais genre à moitié planté en chantant ça o_o... LOL
029) First Iceman song? Breathless Night something like this
030) First J song? Seriously ? His cover from Buck-Tick's ICONOCLASM LOL.
031) First Janne da Arc song? Curse or Paradise or ... NO. Shounen no Hitomi.
032) First Kagerou song? XII Dizzy, probably... if not, Wrist cutter
033) First Kagrra song? mateki.
034) First L'Arc~en~Ciel song? Stay Away I guess oO... Probably not, actually...
035) First La'Cryma Christi song?  Hirameki....
036) First Lareine song? Chou no hana =3
037) First Luna Sea song? Rosier ♥
038) First Malice Mizer song? ....... Now THIS is a reaaaaaally good question...
039) First Merry song? Euh... Euh.... Euh.......... o_o Uragiri Loop or Japanese Modernist....
040) First Miyavi song? Ah shit ... I dunno... Let's say Pop is dead...
041) First Moi dix Mois song? Pessimiste and I'll alwaays remember this one cause it's the first VK song I've EVER heard XD
042) First MUCC song? I don't remember the first one I heard... Maybe Daikirai... But the first one I really liked was Isho...
043) First Nightmare song? Eh... wait a sec.... be buried
044) First PENICILLIN song? Imitation Love
045) First Pierrot song? Creature ♥
046) First Plastic Tree song? Hum..... Baka ni natta no ni or Harusaki Sentimental... or Aoi Tori...
047) First Psycho le Cemu song? Indra's arrow
048) First Raphael song? Can't remember the title... wait... hanasaku inochi aru kagiri
049) First SADS song? Masquerade~
050) First Schwarz Stein song? Rise to heaven ♥
051) First SHAZNA song? Melty Love
052) First Shiina Ringo song? Euh... wait... Kimi wo aisu ?
053) First Siam Shade song? Dunno, seriously ._.
054) First Sugizo song? I wrote Super Love in the previous version... Must be it...
055) First Tetsu69 song? Can't Stop believing, I guess oO...
056) First TRANSTIC NERVE song? What the fu- is that ? XD
057) First X Japan song? eh... Crucify my love o_O

058) Favorite band? I don't have any favorite band, really... But I love Dir en grey, LUNA SEA, Buck-Tick, lynch., MUCC, Satsuki, Schwarz Stein, GOTHIKA.......
059) Favorite band musically? Nyenyenye.... Dir en grey là >_> See previous question.
060) Favorite band physically (eye-candy)? Vidoll before they went major, same goes for Kaya, Soroban were so damn cute D8, I liked Loki and Sizna from Sugar... SAKURAI ATSUSHI ♥, Noir Fleurir, Eliphas Levi, Aliene Ma'riage etc, etc...
061) Favorite Indies band? I really liked Aikaryu... Soroban, I guess that Pre-major Vidoll counts... lynch. ...
062) Favorite JRocker? 8BBBBB Really want me to list them all ? XD Ok.  Die, Hazuki, Hiko, Jui, Kaya and we'll stop it before I go derp.
063) Favorite vocalist? Kawamura Ryuichi (Luna Sea) and Satsuki... Those two are the only two who can make me shiver~~ ♥
064) Favorite guitarist? >8BBBBBBBBBB Guess who.  And if you think Hizaki, seriously, I'm gonna make you have the same fishy look he has.
065) Favorite bassist? T______T
067) Favorite pianist/keyboardist? I don't know, I don't care ^____^
068) Favorite song? RIGHT NOW ? Eh.... I would probably say True Blue from LUNA SEA and feminism from Kuroyume
069) Favorite PV? Let's say Obscure just because.  And Romance from Buck-Tick T_T/♥
070) Favorite Live? .... Dunno, but I like Hazuki's faggot's WOOHOO in I dunno which bootleg live...
071) Favorite clip (behind the scenes, candid, etc)? I loved Urakizoku XD and Black Fairy... Oh... Vidoll used to be AWESOME in behind the scenes and stuff like that =/
072) Favorite Gackt commercial?
073) Favorite couple? Oh just shut up -.-

______This Or That?______
074) Skirt or pants? LOL.  Who ?
075) Mana or Izam? Izam =\
076) Kyo or Tatsurou? Kyo, but both...
077) Gackt or Miyavi? LAWL.  miyavi.
078) Taiji or Heath? I don't like X Japan.
079) J or Sugizo? I'd say Sugizo but, I don't care
080) Yoshiki: Long hair or short? LIFE'S BLEEDING FROM FEAR.
081) Ken: Facial hair or none? The guy from Laruku ?
082) Aya: Boy or girl? XDDDDDDDDDD Girl.
083) Kirito: Gay or straight? GAY.
084) Daisuke: Make-up or none? I don't care... I don't like him.
085) hide: Dead or alive? ........ The question really should have been Suicide or Accident.... But I'd rather see him alive =\
086) Gackt x Hyde or Hyde x Gackt? ..................................................................... Hyde is a fag.

______Which JRocker Is Most...______
087) Adorable? Tatsuhi ♥
088) Annoying? ............... Versailles.
089) Attractive? dkjfhsdjfhksdjfhksdjfhksjdhfk. Ok. Look.  Sakurai Atsushi.
090) Bishi? Ark... Bishonen -_- as if WE ARE IN A MANGA =B =B =B =B =B !!!!
091) Childish? LAWL. Not a J-Rocker, but SiSeN.
092) Cute? In my head, adorable and cute are quite the same.... so Tatsuhi *w*
093) Disturbing?  ..............
094) Dorky? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Dir en grey.  Girugamesh.  Vidoll used to be pretty good at it too... And so does Yuki from Versailles...
095) Edible? nomnomnomnomnomnom.
096) Feminine? .................... Bleh.
097) Frightening? Whatever...
098) Gay? Everybody says GAYYYY XDDDD...
099) Masculine? Lol what ? They're all a whole bunch of faggots, stop pulling my leg ! xD
100) Otaku? Golden Bomber ? XDDD
101) Reserved? Lol whut ?
102) Sex-able? ..... *leaves*
103) Talented? *comes back* Mana is a good manager.
104) Zealous? Dir en grey  LAWL.

______First JRocker That Comes To Mind______
105) Abs: Toshiya or Kyo...
106) Alcohol: Kaoru and Die's drinking game LAWL.
107) Alien: Dada
108) Ass: .......... Dada (That's your fault, Kalmie !)
109) Bondage: Macabre's shooting Die 8B
110) Chicken: MOONCHILD, the old guy and his chickens XD So, Gackt.
111) Dictator: I thought Dictator Circus, so Kirito.
112) Engrish: Kiryuin or whatever the way it's written XD
113) Food: Dir en grey.... SCARY THAI FOOD.
114) Goth: Manâ
115) Hentai: Nightmare
116) Hump: ........... Okay, Nightmare and Golden Bomber.
117) Kimono: Kaya, kagrra,, D....
118) Kinky: ...... You don,t wanna know.
119) Leather: ........ ASAGI, Die, Loki........
120) Moon: Child..... Or.... Hazuki + Mizuki = TSUKIGUMI.
121) Piercing: Hitsugi
122) Platforms: Kaya
123) Sex: Maria Cross LOL.
124) Smoking: Közi xD
125) Vanilla: Seriously, who would not answer Gackt to this ?
126) Visual: Malice Mizer oO

______Place A JRocker______
127) America: X Japan cause lolz....
128) China:  Silver Ash cause they are Chinese è_é
129) France: Kaya'll go in France for Halloween.
130) Hawaii: .............................................
131) Hospital: Jui, Hizumi, Jasmine You, Daisuke............ D8
132) Japan: Lolz.
133) Los Angeles: Yoshiki XD
134) Mars: ............ Guh ?
135) McDonald's: Ryuuji and Jui, eh...
136) Merry-go-Round: Psycho le Cému XD
137) Movie Theater: Kaya, cause he used to talk quite often about this, on his blog....
138) Okinawa: I thought about Jasmine You and his [Sushi ! Tempura ! Aoyama !] XDDDD
139) Pet Store: Die who said lately he went in a pet store and bought a cat rag doll (? XD)
140) Pharmacy: I think more about fanfictions XD
141) Supermarket: Vidoll... Black Fairy XD
142) Sushi Bar: Jui and KISAKI.... For a vid that can't be found anywhere, now ._. ...
143) The North Pole: Sanaka dressed as santa XD

______Who's Most Likely...______
144) To get the stuffing beat out of them? Why ?
146) To have kids? miyavi has a daughter.
147) To eat kids? Jack Spooky XD
148) An actual a woman? Kaya said "I'm a japanese woman" LAWL.
149) An evil spy? Dada. LOL.
150) A government agent? Mana 8B
151) An alien? Dada >_>
152) American? Yoshiki lives in LA, doesn't he ?
153) To rule Japan? Whatever
154) To rule the world? See previous question xD
155) To go bald? LOL well... S@tt-on xD and Toshiya used to have half his head bald... Same goes for Közi and Tokkiy XD
156) To get braces? Toshiya had some.
157) To go into retirement first? D8

______What Would You Do If...______
158) Gackt quit writing music? LAWL.
159) Toshiya got braces? He had(has ?) some.
160) Yoshiki went bald? LOOOOOOOL
161) Klaha bleached his hair? .... LOL.
162) Mana became Japan's next Prime Minister? ................. LMAO
163) hide appeared in your room? ....... O_O 
164) Koshi stopped singing? ...... Who's that ?
165) Jiro sat on you? ... ... Eh... Hello ?
166) Miyavi bit you? What's wrong with you, dude ? >_>
168) Hyde glomped you? *push him back*
169) Sugizo mooned you? *take a pictures and post it on the net*
170) Yukke poked you? *pokes back*
171) Sakura offered you a joint? Which Sakura ?
172) Izumi could kick Jet Li's ass? .... Go for it, dude, as if I cared.. XD
173) They made a Psycho le Cemu anime? LOL... *watches it*
174) Akira [baroque] became your new classmate/co-worker? .... LOL.
175) Közi poked you in the eye? He would hit my glasses actually......... XDDD
176) Hakuei gave you a lapdance? "I WOULD BE SO BLOGGING ABOUT THIS!! X'D" LOL TELLEMENT XDDD
177) Kirito was your roommate? "Salut !" 8D
178) seek wanted to take a stroll through your neighborhood? Bah... I'd go with him XD People would get a shit of what is happening XD
179) Levin started speaking Spanish? I hate spanish and I don't know Levin so yeah....
180) Hisashi decided to wear a mohawk? Isn't he from Glay ?
182) Chachamaru cut his hair? Huh... Okay...
183) Toshi left his cult? Bah... okay... watever
184) Sakito assassinated the Emperor of Japan? Sakito Nightmare or Sakito Dué le quartz ? .....
185) Ryou popped out of your closet? Who are you ?!
186) Takuro picked his nose during an interview? BWAHA I SAW YOU XD

187) First JRock song you ever heard? Pessimiste from Moi dix Mois
188) Song that best captures JRock? ザ・V系っぽい曲 by Golden Bomber XDDDDD
189) Song best performed live? nyunyunyu...
190) Song that turns you on? .............. Euh...
191) Sappiest? Forever love 8D or still..... : pretty old desu XDDDDDD (LOOOOOOOOOL I SO DIDN'T REMEBERED THAT XDDDDD)
192) Happiest? Chocolat xDD
193) Saddest? euuuuuuuuuuuh..... Ain't afraid to Die by Dir en grey...
194) Best for head-banging? Almost anything from Diru's  latest albums
196) Best for driving? ........ I don't even have a car
197) Best for summer? I hate summer
198) Best for winter? I don't lik winter either
199) Best for Halloween? Trick or Treat des Candy Spooky Theater ♥
200) Best for Christmas? Fanh.
201) Best party song? Fanh
202) Makes you hungry? Fanh
203) Makes you sleepy? Fanh.
204) Makes you angry? The New Vidoll Criss Ò_______Ó 
205) Makes you hyper? Dunno for hyper, but lawl Miracle Honey from nomico 
206) Makes you think of snow? Anything that has snow in the title....
207) Makes you think of flowers? Node of Scherzo XDD
208) Makes you think of vampires? Carmilla 
209) Makes you think of the moon?  Satsukiiiiiiiiii ♥
210) Makes you think of water? Fanh
211) Makes you think of rain? anything that has rain in the title.
212) Song you'd like played at your wedding? Dun wann get wed
213) Song you'd like played at your funeral? KJSHDKSJFHKJHFDAIN'TAFRAIDTODIE
214) Song that would go best in a movie? Many songs by Dir en grey played in some movies, D.T.M.H by BLOOD played in the asian version of a movie staring Lucy Liu, Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no yami from Dir en grey will be in the up coming Saw... Not to mention that Yoshiki was the music producer for REPO ! The Genetic Opera...
215) Song that would go best in an anime? Seriously, there are so many Jrock and VK anime openings.....
216) Song that would go best in a video game? Yousei Teikoku did a lot of those, already... And Gackt did so too...
217) Best intro? I really like the violin in Masquerade's beginning... But yeah...
218) Best ending? When we sing Dozing Green at the Karaoke ? LOOOL.
219) Best guitar solo? guh.
220) Best bass line? Dir en grey's Cage bass solo kills me.
221) Best acoustic guitar work? Mushi
222) Best piano work? Kyomu De Naka De No Yuugi from Malice Mizer I guess...
223) Best drum work? SHINYA, MONTRE-MOI TES BRAS !
224) Best vocals? Nyunyunyu...
225) Best written? I dunno 8D I don,t get Japanese yet...

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