Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Trucy's a gamer.

I've always been BUT. I discovered computers. So I kinda stopped playing video games.
But, then, I bought a Nintendo DS. With Pokémon Diamond because I used to play the basic Red version back in the time where it wasn't even in fucking colors and because I played this game so much, when I was younger... And, yeah... I played on emulation and then... Yea I HAD to buy it. And that day, I also bought The Legend of Zelda : The Phantom Hourglass because I'm a Zelda fan since I was young, when I watched my mom play A Link to the Past on SNES ^.^/. Though, at first, I wasn't quite fan of that game... Just the time to get used to the double screen thing and that stylus which you can actually use oh-em-gee !! And I only got used recently... I still have some troubles with it, though... But it's not as worst as it is with the Wii and its wiimote/nunchuck @___@ I'll never get used to those, seriously... I prefer my game the classic way ;_;/
SO yeah... And then I saw.... TADATATAAAA !!! Yea, I saw Dragon Quest IV which I thought was only available in Japan, like yeah I never heard a word about those games before BUT on Kaya's blog... Lolz. So I HAD to buy it, obviously. And I HATED the final boss D8 Fucking Psaro mutant dude D8 !!!
And oh shit... Recently... I bought like 917264872648723 games o_o... Like... Dragon Quest V, Dragon Ball Origins, Mario Party DS and now Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy V (though it's for GBA... but anyway =B....)
And... OH GOD I HAD THE IDEA OF THE CENTURY (yeah like... she wrote sanctury at first... c'est beau, Gilles... XD) ! But yeah, the idea of the century... Dude... I'm SO buying Pokémon Platinum and transfer my Diamond pokémons on Platinum and then sell my Diamond version. Watch moé ben aller, après le 22 mars, toé =BBB !!! Just hoping that the game won't be buyable for 40 bucks -_-... As some other games are *cough*ThePeachGame*cough*.. I mean.. come on, it's a fucking PRINCESS PEACH game... Why the FUCK is it sold for $40 ?! o___o... Okay, I understand for stuff like Final Fantasy or something... But Peach ?.... That game would be buyed by parents for their young daugther ! As if the My Little Pony game would be sold at this price ! Fanh.

Okay, now, forget about me, I'll be playing games......................... And reading books. Since I decided that I really needed to get back in touch with books... Cause I used to be a bookworm too (Yeayeayeah... Trucy's a nerd.) and then I just....... Stop reading books... I think it's Fanfiction's fault, actually.... WE NEED MORE GAYNESS IN BOOKS. Okay, maybe not... But I do feel like most books are uniteresting, now... We need more Patrick Senécal and more Anne Rice and more Dan Brown in this world ;_;/
For the moment, I'll try to finish Lestat.... Then it'll be Alice, if I can find back the book o_ô.... It disapeared .___. I really don't know where it is x_X....

Yeah, in the end, I should have titled this message as "Trucy's a nerd"... Yea.

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Inorganique March 3, 2009 at 6:52 a.m.  

Patrick Senécal and more Anne Rice and more Dan Brown = <3

Sinon moi aussi ma gamerattitude a monté récemment XD. Pis y'a pas de mal à être "nerd", c'est la société qui t'a corrompue puisque "s'instruire ça suce". Jeux videos et Livres = éléments artistiques = instruction personnelle = "suce". Donc ouin.. ça reviens au même que de se faire regarder croche quand on écoute du Merzbow même si c'est une expérience vraiment étrange et intéressante, surtout quand on se ballade en ville XD

Trucydae March 3, 2009 at 4:47 p.m.  

ouais ouais, non j'sais qui a rien de mal à s'instruire DUH j'ai une très bonne culture générale, you know ? XD
j'trouvais juste ça drôle de faire comme LOL TRUCY C'EST UNE NERD =BBBBBB

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