Thursday, April 21, 2011


One of the last time I wore my D'espairsRay tour shirt

I've subtly been asked
If I was a partisan of the beast.


So this is a BIRD

And if you look carefully : 

Which gives you :

Let's compare with that satanic shit, will we ?

This is a goat or something
Goats and birds are sooooooo the same thing.

And if you look carefully : 

You get this : 

David's star and the inverted pentacle ARE NOT the same thing o_o
Not that D'espairsRay guys are jews or something
The similarity with the inverted pentacle thing was probably made on purpose
But since they aren't satanic
I guess they chose another star symbol NOT to be associated with those satan things.

People about my age are mostly not religious 
And the satanic thing is outdated for most wannabe goths
So this is no religous statement at all...
It's a fucking tour shirt -___-

And if I was satanic
I wouldn't wear that kind of thing
I wouldn't make it so obvious
And I'd simply keep on doing/attending secret black masses without everyone to know it -.-

That's all I know about satanism anyway >_>....
And that's all I know about jews too o_o

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