Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"If I am not blonde, you won't be able to see me on stage"

So Dir've posted the second part of that Shinya answers your questions thing on FaceBook.
There were too many LOLOMGWTFRFLOLMAO stuff
So instead of continuing to spam FB (whut whut grammar ?!)
I'll just copy/paste them here XD
Just as I do with those Mobile Q&A...

*name censored 8B*: have you ever been involved with someone, or, been in love?
Shinya: With my dog.

I mean....
Were you seriously thinking that 
Shinya would tell you something this personal
While it took months or even years for the other members
To know where he was living ?!
Come on, girl... XD

*name censored 8B*: What is your all time favorite movie and why? I love films, and lately I've been watching a lot of old classics that I haven't seen before that I know I should have seen, and out of those, Seven Samurai was my personal favorite, lol. And also, um I heard you love to solve riddles, you're smart Shinya-san! Riddles are too tough for me! xD What is the hardest riddle you've ever faced, like the one that really got you thinking? :3
Shinya: I don’t like movies. I always fall asleep half way watching them. But riddles, those I like.

Poor girl >XD
TL;DR mode on ROFL.
Which makes me think that I still totally suck at sudoku =\

*name censored 8B*: I seriously can’t wait for your new album!! I bet you’re on a hard schedule but I wish you all the best!! I am always supporting you!! I have a question, why did Kyo shave his head? I saw it for the first time in the LOTUS video clip. It was at about that time when I shaved my head too, so I was actually pretty happy!! Have you ever thought of shaving your head Shinya? It feels really good you know!! Well, good luck!!
Shinya: I don’t know why he shaved his head. But you know that I’ll never do that.

I dunno what they were expecting from this but...
I mean, really... LOL.
And if you really wanna know why Kyo shaved his head
I guess it was in those Q&A stuff
He said that he just felt like it.
And honestly...
What more to expect from Kyo, eh ?!
WHY the fuck did you asked THAT to Shinya ?!
It's as if you'd asked me [Will you get a fake tan, someday ?]

*name censored 8B*: Shinya, when are you or are you going to change your hair style or color? Or did you give up? lol Keep having fun you guys! ♥
Shinya: If I find a good hairstyle I will change my current. As for my hair color, if I am not blonde, you won’t be able to see me on stage, so I am going to keep to blonde for now.

That's all I could come up with.
The End.

*name censored 8B*: what is the best recipe for Pumpkin Korroke?  And, if you were stuck in a spaceship for a year, what 5 things would you take with you :D x
Shinya: I hate pumpkin.  If I was stuck on a spaceship, I’d survive with just my iPad.

Ok ok, I just like this kind of answer XD

*name censored 8B*: I want to know how often you drink alcohol?  And what do you prefer to drink?  How much alcohol do you think you need to get drunk?
Shinya: In a year I drink about 10 times. I don’t like alcohol. Usually I don’t get drunk but if I do tequila shots, then I get drunk immediately.

Oh wait... BRB.
Cause there was something....
Family Values Tour.

Ah HA ! Gotcha !


It's already over.....
Oh well... Ok then =(

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