Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buck-Tick VS Dir en grey.

I want to blog about this

Everytime I hear that B-T song
But I always end up forgetting it
Or being too lazy.

So there you go.
Listen to both.

Don't take those as being overall similar
Cause they aren't.
Still, there's a sound sample
Like some kind of guitar distortion or something
That is... The same.

I also think it's funny that I post this
Not much time after I read an old interview
Where Kyo says that he got into VK and the like
Cause of Buck-Tick
Cause he thought that Sakurai Atsushi looked good
(See ? Even Kyo thinks that Atsushi's hot.)
But then listened to them
And thought that it was kinda dull
Cause their songs were mostly soft
So he got into X-Japan.
But yeah, that was pretty old
Like 1998 or 99, something like that...
There's nooooooo fucking way he's say that today XD

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