Monday, February 21, 2011

When you feel creative, you must exploit that.

You see
The concept behind this is
To create some kind of alternate universe inside of a box.
You'll understand that I'm not all done yet.
But you have to look through a hole to see that other universe.

So looking through the hole
You see this :

This is what you see when you're over it :

But you're not supposed to see it this way.
The box is supposed to be closed
And you have to make some holes on the top of the box
So that you may actually see something.

So no, it's not finished yet.
But it almost is.

I'm actually pretty proud of that one *o*
I already did one in high school..
But I think I prefer that one...
I can't wait to finish it TwT ♥
I wanna do some more...
As I wanna do some other kind of montage...
I actually feel really creative...
I think it's the first time that I actually do feel like an artist XDDDD

Edit : 
I should try to make one with some perspectives....
Like if it was... Trucy City 8BBB

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