Friday, January 28, 2011

Video killed the radio star.

Most people

When I say that I actually don't own any television
Are surprised
And often tell me that I really miss something.
The things that I don't.
I don't like TV.
I think it's stupid.
I think that it's only good to weaken your brain.

You'll say that computer ain't no better cause of this and that.
But think about it.
You can't interact with a television.
You watch it and that's all.
While, on the internet
You read
You speak your mind
You look for information
You listen to music
You watch videos
Or even TV shows
And movies
You comment
You type
You play games
You make you brain works way more than only watching TV.

There's nothing interesting on TV anymore
Even the kid shows are retarded, nowadays...

And again
The only reason why I'd buy a TV
Would be so that I could play SNES again
And bring the N64 back from my mother's house
And watch my movies on a bigger screen 
Than on my portable DVD player
(Yeah, yeah, I could watch them on my computer but it hates it.)

Of course I watch movies
But I don't specially watch stuff everyone goes OMG on...
And I don't really understand how people can be fond of romantic comedies ._.
But they're starring Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn 
Or are from the 50-60's è_é
So no.
I don't watch Kate Hudson's movies
(Nine excepted)
Or all those actresses who can't act anything else 
Than somewhat dumb blondes...
I don't specially appreciate idiots, so......

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