Thursday, January 27, 2011

Those are two new good reasons why my blog is titled this way.

Subject: Die-san
Happy New Year. Please tell us about Die-san's goals for this year.
Die: Sophisticated/Stylish Guy.


What ?

*Bursts in laughters*
(Still... That's another thing I decided to do -.-
Yeah, I started that last year... 
BUT STILL. è_é !!!
I told you to stop copying me (´ A ` ;;)
I don't wanna be a guy, though...)


His shirt is fugly XDD

Plus, there was no Dir related post on my first page
So I had to do an entry è_é

On the other hand
Winamp played Bel Air
Earlier tonight
And I thought [Man... I didn't remembered how this song was nice ; A ; ♥]
So I succumbed to nostalgia
And I've been listening to Malice Mizer since then...
Wondering why the fuck can't Mana still do this kind of awesomeness >8(
Fuck you, Mana, seriously è_é

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