Friday, December 10, 2010

Montréal wasn't pretty enough...

I just watched Taking Lives.

The story is taking place in Montréal.
We sure all know that Montréal is where the Château Frontenac is !
I also recognized some Vieux Québec streets LOL.
At least, the Festival de Jazz de Montréal obviously takes place in... Montréal...

I think it's funny that a man called Paquette
Has some kind of spanish or... 
Well, actually it sounded closer to the french moroccan accent... LOL.
And that when him and Duval spoke in french together
They had the France french accent...

Another funny things is that 
The cops are credited as the Québec City cops
Wasn't the story taking place in Montréal ?! XDDDD

It also was nice that
A few Québec actors were in it
Such as
Marie-Josée Croze and
Emmanuel Bilodeau
There were more
But those two were the only two I noticed LOL
But I see Julien Poulin in the credits oO
Didn't noticed him...
Still... He's usually quite...
Noticeable... LOL.

In the end
I think the movie was good anyway
Even though those little details
Annoyed me XD;;
But eh...
It wasn't the best movie of all time
And I knew since the very first time we saw him
That HE was the man they were looking for..
On that side
It was kinda predictable...
Even though 
They made it so that you have doubt
While watching the movie...
But anyway
At least it was entertaining XD

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