Sunday, December 12, 2010

Life report

So yesterday

I watched Kinky Boots
A quite light movie, in my opinion.
They called it a comedy
I just don't know how this should be called.
Ah !
But still
I didn't think it sucked, at least.

Safari died yesterday
Or a few days before
But anyway
I went to get Chromium
But seems like it wouldn't load Blogger's entry page.
I guess I would only have had to get a patch or something
But lazy me only deleted it
To go get Chrome
It's the very same thing, actually.
Still... I'm so amazed by how fast it works...
Feels like I'm a few years back
When my PC wasn't suck a cunt...

Today was my birthday
So I officially turned 22.
And I still don't feel like it.
So today has only been the typical Trucy Sunday.
Drama included LOL.

But still
Starting now
Growing a year older every year
Won't mean anything
Until 18 years from now
When I will fear a certain crisis.
And then
10 years after that
When I'll reach the half a century age
When I'll realize that I spent
More of my life that what is remaining.
But beside this
Aging won't mean anything.
It's just a number.
It's as futile as everything else.

When you're a kid
You are growing
You are getting taller
You change with years.
When you're a teen
Being 13 sucks
Being 15 and 16 makes you feel awesome
When you're 17, you can't wait to turn 18.
Being 18 makes you an adult (In Québec, at least)
Then 19 is the last year before you turn 20.
Exciting, isn't it ?
Then you turn 20
And realize you really are an adult now...
And then
You turn 21 and you are an adult everywhere in the world.
But then... 22 means nothing.
Neither does 23.
Nor 24.
25 is a quarter of a century
But that's no big deal.
And so on until you reach 40
When most people feels like they need to adjust their lives or something...
And realize they aren't quite young anymore...
Then you turn 50...
And most likely that 
More than half of your life just passed...
And then
You start counting the years
Until you die.

Growing a year older each years
Only makes me feel like I'm getting closer to nothing.

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