Friday, December 10, 2010

I would have done a daily outfit post, but...


I've already worn something really similar
If not identical...

I'm only showing off my hair-do !

Oh wait
I't really dark...
Brighten it a bit...

I still need a bit of practice
But I think it looks good =)
And see what I was saying ?
When I said that my hair got curlier with years...
Well I haven't curled my hair, today
And it looks like this anyway

I need to buy some rolls...
And some hot rolls
Even though I'm not sure what it looks like
Or how to use it
In a lot of pin-up hair tutorial and tips I've seen
They said they were using those
So I want to try it out
I guess the result would be better than
Home made paper towel rolls... 
(Still, those works pretty well too...)

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