Friday, December 10, 2010

Entendez-vous le chica chica boum tchic ?

So yesterday

I went to Place Lau with Lillie Joe~
Didn't buy anything then
But she bought something for her mother~
We ended up
Staying up all night 
At Flash Café
Talking about animes/manga
TMI stuff (LOL)
Da'vid/shito:aL cosplay
And a few other things I guess XD

Around 7:30, this morning
We decided to maybe go see if a few shop were open
But most opened around 10
But a few ones which opened at 8
But she decided to go home, in the end
I was about to go home too
But then I stopped at Zeller's
And bough a $60 worth of...
Cheap movie LOL.
Talk about impulsive buying XD
So now I have Ma Vie en Cinémascope
Which I just watched
And made me wanna go back to the late 40's, early 50's again
I also bought City of Angels
Brokeback Mountain
Taking Lives
The Green Mile and
Kinky Boots.

Then I went to buy some cigarettes at Maison de la Presse
And saw the Battle Royale novel...
For 10 bucks...
So yeah, I bought it XD

Ah man...
I feel so pretty when I'm dressed as in the 50's T_T ♥

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