Friday, October 29, 2010

Some like it hot !

I just finished to watch this.

It wasn't a really great movie
I'm not fond of romantic comedies
I usually don't watch them
I just make exceptions for Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn LOL.

Actually, the story is about two musician
They get in trouble with the mafia
And end up playing in an all girls band
As girls.
But one of them falls for a girl of the band (Monroe)
As one is being fallen for by an old fart millionaire.
At the end, the mafia guys find them back
So they have to run
They borrow the millionaire's boat (He's called Hasworth, BTW)
Convincing him by saying Daphne (Or Gerry XD) was to marry him
And ends up trying to find reasons not to marry him
The final lines killed me XD :
-You don't understand, Hasworth ! I'm a man !
-Well... Nobody's perfect 8D !
I loved that !

Other than this,
I'm pretty sure Monroe had to gain some weight for that movie...
Or at least, she looks even curvier, if that's possible, that she usually looks...
But I guess it's ok, since the story takes place at the end of the 20's
And girls were "fatter" in the 20's than they were in the 50's...

Cause I was thinking that I wanted to watch Cabaret now
But then I realized that there was Liza Minelli playing in that
When I watched The Wizard of Oz, this week
I also watched the bonus features
In which she was since she's Judy Garland's daughter
Cause yeah Judy Garland's the one who played Dorothy
And I was wondering where I had seen this name...
Well now I remember....

Now I'm still wondering if I'm going to bed
Or if I watch Cabaret....
I need some rest...
I guess I'll just go to sleep...
Even if it takes an hour to actually fall asleep...
I really have sleeping problems, right now @___@
I can't get any decent rest...
Like I'm tired
But I can't sleep...

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