Saturday, July 10, 2010

You guessed right.

The fact I wrote all those three entries also mean I haven't slept tonight ;D
I watched Dogma. LOL.  And Ginger Snaps too *o*.
When I... got up, let's say... to get ready for work, my left arm looked like this :
It's scary... those marks almost look like scars on the picture o_ô...
I do have scars on my arms... But they're more on the inner side... And not THIS apparent.  Well... Those on my left arm show more than those on my right arm... Which is surely due to the fact that I'm right handed...
I kinda miss doing those... As weird as it could sound... Yea, yea... I'm this masochist 8B... Actually, I just stopped doing those cause it got my mother and some friends worried about my mental state and like, they thought I were suicidal or something... But no... I just enjoyed it, that's all.  I also have something for macabre/twisted esthetism, so... (Must be why I love Obscure's PV this much, even though loads of peopl think it's sickening XD...)

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