Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ranting biatch iez in dah house.

Hello, beautiful blister !

It's again that "I have a foot bigger than the other" problem. My right foot is still in perfect condition, the shoe fit perfectly on the right side, not on the left one (as most of the time since I prefer to have a shoe too large than a too small one... Both are uncomfortable, but try wearing too small shoes for a day and then try for too large ones. See ? Voilà !)

I cleaned the mirror yesterday cause there were some big splatter in it. None of them remained. Does it shows ?

NO IT AIN'T. è_é !!!!!!!!! (All the lil white spots... They weren't there after I cleaned it...) I don't know what my room mates did, but... I'm almost wondering if they aren't actually sneezing IN the mirror... -___- Ok that it was worst than this, but... but... but... MAN ! I ACTUALLY CLEANED SOMETHING OTHER THAN MY BODY OR MY CLOTHES !!! D8< Fuck you !

I ran into two of the men who wish I could have eyes for them when I walked back home, including the oldest and the most annoying one -___-
I made as if I haven't seen them, but this man... UUUUUUUUURGH. He has eyes all over the head >_>... So I just smiled when he said HELLO !!! And I just did as if I was in a hurry, which wasn't a real lie, actually...

It's still pretty humid in the appartment... I guess it's the concrete walls' fault... At least I can feel the breeze through my window.

I feel like writting... but I've no ideas... Sucks. I feel like if I was writing something, it'd look like The young and the restless... Bleh... I haven't done such a thing since 2007 or so... oO... Wait, when did I published the last SUUUUUUUUUPER cheezy thing I wrote ?! oO
Oh... It probably was Melty Love which I also deleted cause of Jasmine You's death two month after it got published... =\
So it was a year ago... Han.. Est-ce qu'un truc comme "Je te suivrai jusqu'à ce que tu m'aimes" compte comme un truc suuuuuuuuuper kitsh ? XD Enfin, la fin l'est, mais... Quoi qu'on sait pas vraiment c'qui va se passer après... comme c'est une fic, ça peut finir vraiment n'importe comment, mais j'peux pas m'empêcher de penser que dans la vraie vie, L'un demanderait son feu à l'autre et pis chacun reprendrait son chemin et pis l'autre serait juste genre OMFG ! Pis rentrerait chez lui et pis comme c'est une de mes fics, y finirait pendu ou un truc comme ça... LOL. N'emêche, j'veux toujours savoir à qui vous avez pensé en lisant ça 8BBBBBBB Ou à qui vous pensez que je pensais... 8B... Bonbons à celle qui trouvera, quoi XDDDD
Han pis merde, j'vais finir de relire Melty Love pour voir si j'peux pas faire un truc avec ça !

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