Friday, July 09, 2010

Et c'est ainsi que, même le visage tapissé de vomissures, le client sourrit.

Encore et encore jusqu'à sa mort...
I just spent almost 4 hours of my life on a single movie. (It's a bit past midnight...)
Yeah, actually I finally watched Cleopatra.

I must admit I watched it in french, though... Cause... a lot of them actually had Irish accent o_o... and I was like kdljdflksjflksd guuuuuuh whut did ya say ? And the dubbing... LOL, seriously. Specially Cesar... It's friggin ridiculous XD... Oh well... It's just the price to be paid to watch a dubbed movie...
But it made me understand why the movie was actually THIS long : Some parts weren't translated, so I deduced that the regular version was shorter... But that would still be a 3 hours long movie... It's just kinda... confusing to keep switching between french and english x_X (I don't know if you guys are all this way, but, in my head, I have a switch for english and french, it always take a certain time to switch from one to an other, actually... Even though it sometimes bug and get stuck in the middle and it gives wonderful results such as "holy tabarnak" XDDDDDDD)
So about the movie..... Well... it was historical....... And cheezy. A kind of Egyptian/Roman "I love you, neither do I"... So I couldn't say that it's a OMG good movie.... But I'd rather watch this again than watch any of The Lord of the Rings D8... And I'd even prefer to watch Cleopatra 3 times in a row instead of watching the three Lord of the Ring movies on separate days D8< (Couldn't you say that I hated those movie ? XDD Boring they were !)

And now I just feel like watching Star Wars...... Huhu. Episode V... Yeah... BUT. I don't have these, anyway -.- ....
Oh, one more thing about Cleopatra... Egyptian and Roman didn't wear any underwear.... ;D

So I guess I'll just end up puting on the pale pink nail polish I just bought.... Kinda sucks, though, cause I wanted a pearl pale pink... And there wasn't any... So I bought this one and a REAL black one, this time, fuckers D8< I don't know what I'll do with the other one... That color, it just..... it doesn't suit ANY fucking THING. Okay that if you don't tell, people'll think it's black, but... When you know, it's just annoying >_>... *sigh*....

And Internet is still a total son of a bitch =_=.... I'm gonna explode its head soon >_>... Hopefully, we should get something better in August... 3 weeks to go... I can do it. I know I can ! è_é !!!

Oh and I had a surpise in my bank account, today... Something called tax return, maybe ? So I paid a bit of my credit card with it -__-... I hate that useful shit D8...
I hate money, PERIOD. Fucking sucks. Mister money, please... GO FUCKING DIE DX< !!!!!!!

And it's still hella humid in here... I'd put a sponge in the middle of the room and at the end of the day, it'd be full... >_>... Température de cul d'criss D8< It's in the same range as fucking snow storm... D8< TAKE YOUR FUCKING MEDS, MISS NATURE !!!!! DX<

Oh. And. One of my room mate. The male one, yeah. Unless he has a girlfriend I have not seen yet, he wears some dove deodorant... Ha. That's all, I just thought it was funny 8B (He seems a bit on the metrosexual side, actually. A BIT. And NO. I'm not interested AT ALL. Fuck you. I currently hate men, anyway >_>... Whole bunch of annoying fuckers unless they're gay. And when they're gay, they also may be total bitches, even worst than me, when they get butthurt *COUGH* Anyway. -.-)
Yeah, back to the antisocial me who hates the whole world again and is sick of everything and gets annoyed pretty easily. Yay. (What d'ya mean, I'm pumping myself again ? Pfff ! Never did such a thing ! The worst in this is that I'm being hypocritical to the point of not even showing a single bit of it on the outside... You'd talk to me and I'd be "Hey ;D" but on the inside, I'd be "Oh come on, man... JUst shut the fucking fuck up -___-"... Just need some time alone with my little self, I guess...)
So yeah, fuck you, fuck your life, fuck mine, fuck money etc etc fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck and then vomit. Yeah. HATE AND BLEEEEAAAAARGH. Huh.

Nonsense. How lovely.

Ah, one last thing. I said PERIOD previously and it made me think about the fact that I don't remember having had those, last month... I don't know if it's just that I don't remember or if I really didn't have them... I had my PSM though...... Maybe I didn't have them... Oh well... Not as if I'd really complain about it... Not as if I could be pregnant anyway >_>... And if I was, I'd seriously start to worry about my memory problem o_o.... But still, I guess it's just that I don't give a fuck about what I eat, lately... Even less than usual... So that'd may be it... *shrugs shoulder*


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