Friday, July 09, 2010

Annoying people are annoying.

Do you think it's radical to almost wish someone's death so that he'd stop annoying you ?

Actually, that 64 years old man who always come and see me at my job just to tell me what a wonderful woman I am and how gorgeous I am and how this and that, as if I had absolutely no freaking flaws and then telling me he wished he was younger and then offers me a massage that I politely decline each time, he has some kind of sickness and there'd been a mont, this spring, when I haven't saw him at all... Well he was at the hospital all this time. And now, I overheard some stuff about him in the laundromat : he could actually die if his infected foot doesn't heal, since he doesn't want to take meds because he says that doctors are all assholes and stuff like this.
And I'm like... Ok, then... Don't take those meds, it's true that doc's are assholes, after all ;D...

*sigh* >_>.................. I'm just sick of this man... He'll end up grossing me out of every single man on earth D8... I wish I wasn't this shy so that I could disapoint him so much that he would just stop coming to me x__x... I think that next time he'll ask me how's my love life, I'll tell him I've a boyfriend who is a bouncer in whatever club it is, which means that he'd be large like this, 6'5'' tall (195cm), and weight 200 and something (90+ kg) of muscles X_X...

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